The World Under Water Question Answer | Class 3 Lesson 6 Butterfly Solution

The World Under Water Butterfly Class 3 English Book Solution: The Water Under Water is in Chapter 6 of the English Book Butterfly for Class 3 students who are under the West Bengal Primary Board Schools. You can practice the Activity Questions given below along with the solutions of the Question Answer from the Lesson 3.

Activity – 1 Solution

Let’s choose the right answer and complete the sentences:

1. The fish that overheard a fisherman talking was –

(a) the Wise Fish.

(b) the Intelligent Fish

(c) the Fish who believe in fate.

Answer : (a) the Wish Fish.

2. The fish that wanted to leave the lake was –

(a) the Fish who believed to leave the lake 

(b) the Intelligent Fish

(c) the Wise Fish.

Answer : (c) the Wish Fish.

3. The fish that the fisherman threw back into the lake was –

(a) the Wise Fish

(b) the Intelligent Fish

(c) the Fish who believed in fate.

Answer : (b) the Intelligent Fish.

Activity – 2 

Let’s answer the following questions:

1. What did the first fish believe in?

Answer : The first fish believed things would happen.

2. What did the Wise Fish overhear?

Answer : The Wish Fish caught wind of a fisherman discussing with another to capture all the pond’s fish the following day.

3. How did the Intelligent Fish save himself?

Answer : The Intelligent Fish preserved himself by mimicking a deceased fish.

Activity – 3

Let’s fill in the blank with words ending in -d or -ed.

Answer :

ask asked

Activity – 4

Let’s put tick [✔] marks and cross [X] marks in the boxes according to the information given in the text:

Answer :

Has scalesLives in waterEats wormHas bones

Activity – 5

Let’s complete the following sentences:

1. Fishes breathe in water with the help of ____________ .

Answer : grills.

2. Three main parts of a prawn’s body are the head, ___________ and ____________.

Answer : the thorax, the abdomen.

3. The head of a prawn has ___________ and ____________ .  

Answer : an antenna, two eyes.

4. The crab pinches with its ________________ . 

Answer : pincers.

5. The skin of a frog is __________ and ____________ .

Answer : rough, moist.

Activity – 6

Use words from the help box and write five sentences about fish. You may begin like this:

Help Box – (fins, gills, scales, tail, eyes, water, worms)

Answer : Fishes live in water using their fins to navigate. They breathe through their gills and are covered in scales. Their tails propel them through the water, while their eyes help them see. Some fishes feed on worms found in their aquatic habitat.

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