Ghosts on the Verandah Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 13 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 7 English Book Chapter 13 Ghosts on the Verandah Solution: WB Board Bengali Medium Schools English class 7 Text Book Blossoms Lesson 13 Question Answer from Ghosts on the Verandah by Ruskin Bond Activity Solution is given below.

Ghosts on the Verandah - Class 7 English - Chapter 13 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Complete the following table with information from the text:

(a) The author went to stay at Anil’s houseAnswer: Anil’s father war out of town
(b) Anil’s mother told them ghost storiesAnswer: Anil’s mother’s memory was stored with stories of spirits
(c) The boy in the classroom could stretch his hands four yardsAnswer: The boy was a jinn.
(d) Anil wished to be a jinnAnswer: To get advantage especially for volleyball

Activity 2 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) What attracts a jinn ?

Answer: Jinns are attracted by long hair and pretty black eyes.

(b) List the activities of an annoyed Munjia.

Answer: When a Munjia becomes irritated, they quickly emerge from their tree and disrupt not only tongas, bullock-carts, and bicycles but even a bus.

(c) Why must one be careful while yawning under a peepul tree at night ?

Answer: The Munjia will dive into someone’s throat and utterly disrupt their digestion.

(d) How did the boy in the class show that he was a jinn ?

Answer: The boy simply extended his hand, retrieved the book from the cupboard, and presented it to the teacher.

Activity 3 Solution

Fill in the blanks by choosing appropriate words from the box given below. You may need to change the from of the words:

Incredible, fetch, cupboard, agility

(a) Since she is gymnast, she has great _________________.

Answer: agility

(b) Tuhin ________________ a bucket of water.

Answer: fetch

(c) Your story is _________________________.

Answer: Incredible

(d) The utensils are kept  inside a _________________.

Answer: cupboard

Activity 4 Solution

Complete the following comparisons by correctly choosing the word from he box given below:

Cold, hot, black, proud, brave, green, heavy, gentle, firm, busy

(a) as _______________ as coal

Answer: black

(b) as _______________ as a lion

Answer: brave

(c) as _______________ as  a bee

Answer: busy

(d) as _______________ as a lamb

Answer: gentle

(e) as _______________ as a peacock

Answer: proud

(f) as _______________ as grass

Answer: green

(g) as _______________ as a rock

Answer: firm

(h) as _______________ as lead

Answer: heavy

(i) as _______________ as ice

Answer: Cold

(j) as _______________ as fire

Answer: hot

Activity 5 Solution

Rewrite the following sentences using the adverbs given in brackets in the appropriate place:

(a) This exercise is easy. (too)

Answer: This exercise is too easy.

(b) The train is fast. (fairly)

Answer: The train is fairly fast.

(c) The bottle is full. (quite)

Answer: The bottle is quite full.

(d) We won the match. (nearly)

Answer: We nearly won the match.

(e) We are late, let us hurry. (rather)

Answer: We are late, let us rather hurry.

(f) She has come in. (just)

Answer: She has just come in.

(g) He makes a mistake. (never)

Answer: He never makes a mistake.

(h) I get up early in the morning. (always)

Answer: I always get up early in the morning.

(i) I am sorry. (very)

Answer: I am very sorry.

(j) He was intelligent to solve the problem. (enough)

Answer: He was enough intelligent to solve the problem.

Activity 6 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Anil’s mother thought that seeing a snake __________________________

Answer: is good luck.

(b) Kamal and the author did not want to go to their room because ________________________

Answer: Anil’s grandmother’s spirit paid the family a visit.

(c) When Anil’s mother saw the boys rushing about, she __________________________

Answer: cried and said that their bed had also gone.

(d) Kamal sang softly because ___________________________

Answer: he wanted to raise their spirit.

Activity 7 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why did Anil and Mulia appear “pale and anxious”?

Answer: They became frightened due to the stories told by Anil’s mother.

(b) What did Anil’s mother think when she saw the room empty?

Answer: Anil’s mother believed their bed had disappeared and cried out in distress.

(c) What was the effect of Kamal’s singing on the author?

Answer: This only heightened the eerie atmosphere.

(d) Do you think Anil’s mother believed in ghosts? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: Yes, Anil’s mother had a belief in ghosts. She mistook the pyjamas for ghosts and let out a scream, collapsing onto a cot.

Activity 8 Solution

Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:

(a) I ___________ speak English.

Answer: can

(b) We eat so that we _____________ live.

Answer: can

(c) You ____________ go now.

Answer: must

(d) ____________ you have good luck!

Answer: May

(e) We ________________ be rewarded.

Answer: will

(f) I _______________ not surrender.

Answer: will

(g) You _____________ be able to do it in no time.

Answer: must

(h) We ______________ help the poor.

Answer: should

(i) I ______________ never tell lies.

Answer: should

(j) Tomorrow we ________________ have a holiday.

Answer: will

Activity 9 Solution

Fill in the blanks with the correct tense of the verb given in brackets:

(a) She ran so fast that I ______________ (can) not overtake her.

Answer: could

(b) I thought I ______________ (see) you yesterday.

Answer: saw

(c) He helps his neighbours more than he ____________ (help) his family.

Answer: helps

(d) When I saw her, I _________________ (speak) to her.

Answer: spoke

(e) The more he learned, the more he ______________ (want) to learn.

Answer: wanted

(f) There was a rumour that he _____________ (die) in the accident.

Answer: died

(g) We thought that she _____________ (will) succeed.

Answer: would

(h) I shall nurse her that she _______________ (may) recover.

Answer: may

(i) I left the place as soon as I _____________ (hear) the news.

Answer: heard

(j) Honesty ________________ (be) the best policy.

Answer: is

Activity 10 Solution

Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct verb given in brackets:

(a) All that glitters ________________ (is/are) not gold.

Answer: are

(b) The great poet and novelist _____________ (is/are) dead.

Answer: is

(c) Each of the boys _____________ (was/were) given a prize.

Answer: was

(d) Salim as well as his friend ____________ (is/are) honest.

Answer: is

(e) Time and tide _____________ (wait/waits) for none.

Answer: waits

(f) Neither of the girls _______________ (has/have) brought her book.

Answer: has

(g) None but the brave _____________ (deserve/deserves) the fair.

Answer: deserve

(h) Three-fourths of the meal _____________ (was/were) eaten.

Answer: was

(i) Either you or he ______________ (has/have) done it.

Answer: has

(j) Slow and steady _______________ (win/wins) the race.

Answer: wins

Activity 11 Solution

Fill in the gaps in the following table with appropriate forms of adjectives:

goodAnswer: betterAnswer: best
Answer: darkdarkerAnswer: darkest
Answer: mildAnswer: mildermildest
wiseAnswer: wiserAnswer: wisest
Answer: hardharderAnswer: hardest
softAnswer: softerAnswer: softest
highAnswer: higherAnswer: highest
Answer: brightbrighterAnswer: brightest
Answer: littleAnswer: lessleast
beautifulAnswer: more beautifulAnswer: most beautiful
Answer: badAnswer: worseworst
Answer: intelligentmore intelligentAnswer: most intelligent
seriousAnswer: more seriousAnswer: most serious
Answer: lesslesserAnswer: least
Answer: swiftAnswer: swifterswiftest

Activity 12 Solution

Pick out the adjectives from the following sentences and write their degree:

a. Which is the best book?

Answer: best – superlative degree.

b. December is colder than other months.

Answer: colder – Comparative degree.

c. He is my eldest brother.

Answer: eldest – Superlative degree.

d. Nothing moves as fast as light.

Answer: Fast – comparative degree.

e. Success is sweeter than failure.

Answer: sweeter – Comparative degree.

Activity 13 Solution

Write a story in which you and your two friends are forced to spend a night in an old, desolate building far away from home.


Three friends found themselves stranded in a desolate, decrepit building far from home. With no other option, they decided to spend the night there. Darkness enveloped them as they huddled together, sharing eerie tales to chase away fear. Creaking floors and ghostly whispers added to their unease. The night felt endless, but they supported each other, their friendship their only solace. With the first light of dawn, they hastily left, grateful for their unbroken bond and determined never to venture near that forsaken place again.

Activity 14 Solution

Write a paragraph on a magic show. Use the following points:

place – the atmosphere – dress of the magician – tricks that he performed – how you liked the show – did you feel interested in performing magic by yourself – conclusion.


I recently attended a captivating magic show at a charming little theater in the heart of the city. The atmosphere was electric, with a sense of wonder and anticipation permeating the room. The magician, dressed in a dapper tuxedo, exuded an air of mystique. His repertoire of tricks left the audience spellbound – from making doves disappear in a puff of smoke to pulling an endless string of colorful scarves from his hat. I was particularly drawn to the way he seamlessly blended humor with his magic, keeping us all entertained throughout the evening. As the final curtain fell, I found myself not only thoroughly impressed but also intrigued by the world of magic. It left me yearning to explore the secrets behind the tricks and perhaps try my hand at performing some magic of my own someday. The magic show was an enchanting experience that left me with a newfound appreciation for the art of illusion.

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