Chasing the Sea Monster Question Answer | Maharashtra Board Class 7 Chapter 2.6 English Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 English Chapter 2.6 Questions & Answers – Chasing the Sea Monster Solutions Balbharati

(1) From the passage, find all the words and phrases used describe the monster?

Answer : Most powerful animal, huge glow-worm quivering violently, fearsome creature, sea animal, Motionless animal, infernal beast, A long blackish body.

(2) Form groups of 4. Find all the references to time given in the passage. Then make a chart to show the events described in the passage along with the time when they occur. Example.

Answer :

All night long – The crew stayed on their feet.

Near midnight – It disappeared or to use a more appropriate expression, “It went out”, like a huge glow-worm.

At 12.53 – A deafening hiss could be heard resembling the sound made by a water spout expelled with tremendous, intensity.

Near 2 O’ clock – In the morning, the core of light reappeared five miles away from the Abraham Lincoln.

At 6 O’ clock – Day began to break and with the dawn’s early light, the animals electric glow disappeared.

At 7 O’ clock – A very dense morning mist spread around us. Our bast spyglasses were unable to pierce it.

At 8 O’ clock – The mist rolled away and the horizon grow wider and clearer.

(4) Observe the picture and the labels carefully. Then match the words and the meaning given in the following table.

Answer :

(1) Yard(a) A floor, flat area built on a ship. (4)
(2) Mast(b) The forward part of the main body of a ship. (3)
(3) Bow(c) The forward part of a deck. (5)
(4) Deck(d) Tall, upright pole on a ship. (2)
(5) Forecastle(e) A pole slung across a ship’s mast. A sail hangs from a yard. (9)
(6) Starboards(f) The rearmost (back) part of a ship. (7)
(7) Stern(g) The part which is always at the front while the ship is sailing. (1)
(8) afterdeck(h) The right hand side of a ship as one faces forward. (6)
(9) Fore(i) An open deck near the back. (8)

(6) Find the different units of measurement mentioned in the passage and get more information about them from the internet.

Answer : two miles, half a mile, three miles, feet, Metre.

Some other units of measurements are – centimeter, kilograms, candela, second Kelvin, Liter, inches.

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