The Book of Nature Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 1 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 7 English Book Chapter 1 – The Book of Nature Solution – Download WB Board English Text Book Blossoms Lesson 1 Activity Question Answer. Today you will learn here solutions of all the question answer from the English Book Chapter 1 of Class 7 The Book of Nature written by Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Book of Nature - Class 7 English - Chapter 1Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Underline the appropriate alternatives:

(a) India is in fact a (big/small/huge) part of the earth’s surface.

Answer: small

(b) Once upon a time the earth was too (cold/dark/hot) for any living being to survive.

Answer: hot

(c) Fossils are (a type of wild animal/ one kind of hard rock/ the remains of old livings beings).

Answer: the remains of old livings beings

Activity 2 Solution

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

(a) What must we do to know about the tale of this world ?

Answer: We should regard every nation as part of our collective identity and every individual as an extended family member.

(b) How old is our earth ?

Answer: The age of our planet is in the range of millions and millions of years.

(c) Who roamed the earth the arrival of human beings?

Answer: The Earth was home to just animals before humans arrived.

Activity 3 Solution

Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the text. The first letters of words are given :

(a) As a subject, h _____________ is quite interesting.

Answer: history

(b) We have good relations with our neighbouring c ________________.

Answer: countries

(c) Plants need air, water and sunlight to g _________.

Answer: grow

(d) Can you i ____________ how big the Universe is ?

Answer: imagine

(e) You should s _________ regularly if you want to be a good student.

Answer: study

Activity 4 Solution

Make meaningful sentences with the following words :

(a) interest    : _________________________________

Answer: I have a strong interest in playing the guitar.

(b) surface     : _________________________________

Answer: She carefully wiped the dusty surface of the old book.

(c) inhabited : __________________________________

Answer: The small island was inhabited by a community of fishermen.

(d) together   : __________________________________

Answer: We worked together to complete the group project.

(e) scientist   : ___________________________________

Answer: The scientist conducted experiments in the laboratory.

Activity 5 Solution

Indentify which the following statements are True are false. Give a supporting statements each of your answers.

(a) Fairy tales are rich in imagination. (     )

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : This could be incredibly fascinating, as we’d have the freedom to imagine anything we desire, resulting in the creation of the most exquisite fairy tales.

(b) We have no means to know about the far-off days. (      )

Answer: F

Supporting Statement : However, even though we lack written books from those days long gone, we are fortunate to possess items that can provide us with substantial information, much like a book would.

(c) The alphabet of nature is like the Hindi or the English alphabet. (     )

Answer: F

Supporting Statement : In order to read any language, whether it’s Hindi, Urdu, or English, mastering its alphabet is essential.

(d) We can learn a lot about our world from the rivers and mountains. (    )

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : For every river or mountain, there exists its own unique story.

Activity 6 Solution

Complete the following with information from the text :

(a)  No book could have been written ion old because ______________________

Answer: then men did not exist.

(b) To be able to read any language one _________________________________


(c) A small pebble was definitely  a part _________________________________


(d) On the beaches at the seaside, little children __________________________


Activity 7 Solution

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

1. Fairy tales need not be true.Answer: because they are crafted from imagination.
2. A piece of rock looks different a pebble.Answer: This is due to the fact that a rock often possesses corners or rough edges, while a pebble is typically round, smooth, and shiny.
3. A bit of rock some mountain side reaches a little valley.Answer: This happens because the rain carries it along the valley.
4. All pebbles do not become sand.Answer: This occurs as certain pebbles are deposited by the river along its banks.

Activity 8 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Which are the thing around us that tell us about the earth’s early tale ?

Answer: Rocks, mountains, seas, stars, rivers, deserts, and ancient animal fossils not only speak of nature but also convey the artistry within.

(b) Why does a pebble have a smooth surface ?

Answer: When a pebble rolls along the riverbed, its surface becomes polished and smooth.

(c) How does a pebble become grains of sand?

Answer: As a river carries sediment downstream, it gradually diminishes in size until eventually transforming into a grain of sand.

(d) What does the author men by “ The great Book of Nature?”

Answer: The author suggests that nature resembles a book, with its elements serving as the pages within.

Activity 9 Solution

Rearrange the sentences in the correct order by writing the numbers in the bracketrs. One is done for you:

(a) The rock is taken to big river by the little river. (   )

Answer: 2

(b) at last it is turned into grains of sand. (   )

Answer: 6

(c) It becomes a pebble . (  )

Answer: 4

(d) A bit rock is pushed by smooth stream  into a little river. ( )

Answer: 1

(e) the pebble becomes smaller because it is carried on and on by the river. (   )

Answer: 5

(f)  the edges of the rock are worn away and its  rough surfaces is made smooth. (   )

Answer: 3

Activity 10 Solution

Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B. One is done for you:

1. fascinatingAnswer: (f) very interesting or charming
2. merelyAnswer: (d) only or just
3. fortunatelyAnswer: (e) luckily
4. alphabetAnswer: (a) the set of letters in a language
5. surfaceAnswer: (b) top visible side
6. wornAnswer: (c) became damaged by use

Activity 11 Solution

Replace the underlined words with suitable opposite words from the box. There are some extra words.

(a) The man became famous in the early years of his life.

Answer: late

(b) She is looking very happy.

Answer: ugly

(c) The trunk of this huge tree has a smooth bark.

Answer: rough

(d) Jatin found his pencil box on his way to school.

Answer: lost

(e) Smita learnt to subtract.

Answer: add

Activity 12(a) Solution

Read the Paragraph below and put the apostrophe ( ‘ ) mark in the proper places:


Rahim’s father is a well-known person. The Hon’ble M.L.A. of the area is his relative. He has donated a good sum of money to the local library for buying new books. The library is located near the girl’s high school. Sabina’s brother and Akram’s sister often visit the library. They like to read children’s story books and Tagore’s poems. Their parents also go there to read newspapers after the day’s work.

Activity 12(b) Solution

Rewrite the following passage using contracted forms of words wherever applicable:


The teacher said, “We’ll know you are a good student. I can’t understand why you have done such a thing. you shouldn’t behave rudely with your classmates. promise me, you will always remember what I’ve said.”

The student realised his mistake. He said, “sir, I’m sorry. I shall never behave like this.”

Activity 13(a) Solution

Fill in the chart correctly:

PronounsPossessive AdjectivesPossessive Pronouns
ImyAnswer: mine
weAnswer: ourours
Answer: youyourAnswer: yours
heAnswer: hisAnswer: his
Answer: sheAnswer: herhers
itAnswer: itsAnswer: its
Answer: theytheirAnswer: theirs

Activity 13(b) Solution

Fill in the blanks with appropriate possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives:

Answer: Yesterday I forgot to take back my pen from Sunil. I gave him mine in the class because he didn’t bring that.

The little girl has torn her clothes. “But why are your clothes dirty?” asked the mother to the girl’s elder brothers. “We have soiled our clothes while playing outside”, they said.

Activity 14(a) Solution

Nirmal hasn’t replied in the correct format.

Rewrite the letter correctly for him.


Hill Road,

Dear Kanan, 

I got your letter yesterday. Thank you for your invitation to go on a tour of Rajasthan together. But my mother is very ill. She is going to have heart surgery early next month. So we can’t join you for the year. Please don’t mind. Wish you a happy and memorable visit to Rajasthan. 

Your loving friend, 

Delhi – 110092
32/4 M G Road
Eastern Extension

Activity 14(b) Solution

Write a letter to your friend in a about seventy words telling him/her about a short tour had recently gone to. Mention the places you had visited, how you travelled, people who accompanied you, your sightseeing and your enjoyment of the tour.


Arabinda para
Pin – 735211

Dear Rama,

I went on a short tour with my family to the nearby hill station. We traveled by car and visited a beautiful lake, a scenic garden, and a charming old temple. My parents and younger sister accompanied me. The sightseeing was wonderful, and we had a great time enjoying the natural beauty. It was a very enjoyable trip!

Your loving friend,

Rama Das
c/o Nabin Das
Subhaspalli, Siliguri

Activity 15 Solution

Study the following picture carefully:

Village fair

Now write a paragraph in about seventy words describing this picture of a village fair. Use the following words and phrases:



Lots of fun things happen at the village fair ground. People of all ages gather around the fun merry-go-round, and the colorful circus tent makes everyone feel amazed. There are many shops and counters with yummy snacks and toys to buy. A balloon-seller walks through the crowd and makes the scene more playful. The fair is a happy mix of fun and enjoyment that everyone can remember.

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