Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 5 Solution

WB Board Class 7 English Chapter 5 Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture Solution: Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture by Jerome Klapka Jerome Activity Question Answer of Lesson 5 of Class 7 English Text Book Blossoms from English Medium Book is provided in this page.

Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture - Class 7 English - Chapter 5 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Choose the correct from the given alternatives :

(a) The thing which would have come home from frame – makers is

(i) a picture

(ii) A carving on wood

(iii) a picture drawn on a piece of cloth

Answer: (i) a picture

(b) Uncle Podger would take  off his

(i) vest

(ii) tie

(iii) coat

Answer: (iii) coat

(c) Uncle Podger would ask

(i) the boy

(ii) the girl

(iii) the charwomen, for sixpen’orth of nails.

Answer: (ii) the girl

(d) Uncle Podger at first, would drop the

(i) Picture

(ii) hammer

(iii) nail

Answer: (i) Picture

Activity 2 Solution

Identify which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers.

(a) There was a commotion in the house when Uncle podger when Uncle Podger Undertook a job.

Answer: T

Supporting Statements : Never before had there been such a commotion in the house.

(b) Uncle Podger did not want to hang the picture.

Answer: F

Supporting Statements : I will do all that.

(c) Uncle podger would cut himself and spring round the room searching for his handkerchief.

Answer: T

Supporting Statements : Subsequently, he would scan the room searching for his handkerchief by ringing around.

(d) The second thing that Uncle Podger would lose would be the hammer.

Answer: F

Supporting Statements : He’d grasp the nail and let it fall.

Activity 3 Solution

Complete the following with information from the text:

(a) Aunt podger would ask_______________________________ after the picture Came to the house.

Answer: what was to be done with it

(b) Tom was asked to bring ___________________ .

Answer: a step-ladder and a kitchen-chair.

(c) _________________________ as he would be sitting on it.

Answer: The coat was located by Uncle Podger himself.

Activity 4 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Name the children of Uncle podger.

Answer: Those individuals are Will and Tom.

(b) What did Uncle Podger ask the children to for him?

Answer: Uncle Podger requested that the children fetch a nail, ruler, and some cord for him.

(c) How did Uncle Podger cut himself?

Answer: Uncle Podger raised the picture, accidentally dropping it, and in his attempt to rescue the glass, he ended up cutting himself.

(d) Why did Uncle Podger want his coat?

Answer: He’d release the picture, attempting to salvage the glass, which often resulted in him cutting himself.

(e) Where did he find his coat?

Answer: Since he placed his handkerchief into the pocket of his coat.

Activity 5 Solution

Choose the correct answers from the given alternatives:

(a) Uncle Podger would call us all

(i) intelligent

(ii) careless

(iii) fools

Answer: (iii) fools

(b) Uncle Podger would slide and fall

(i) on the char-women’s toes

(ii) on the piano

(iii) on the chair

Answer: (ii) on the piano

(c) Uncle Podger’s work would finish

(i) at around midnight

(ii) at mid-day

(iii) in the evening

Answer: (i) at around midnight

Activity 6 Solution

Complete the sentences with information from the text:

(a) Uncle Podger would lose sight of the mark _________________________.

Answer: he had made on the wall, where the nail was to go in.

(b) ___________________________ trying to reach a point three inches beyond.

Answer: Uncle Podger would take a seat

(c) _____________________________ doing a job of this short.

Answer: Uncle Podger would like

Activity 7 Solution

Complete the following table with information from the text:

(a) Answer: To identify the exact location for inserting the nail.Each child had to get up beside him on the chair
(b) Answer: He attempted to access a point that was six inches tall.Uncle Podger would fall on to the piano
(c) At the first of the hummerAnswer: Uncle Podger smash his thumb
(d) Answer: Upon the second strike, the nail would penetrate the plaster completely.A new hole was made

Activity 8 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) Give two instances to show the carelessness of Uncle Podger.


(i) After losing the Hammer by himself shouted at others

(ii) After sitting on his coat, he blamed the others.

(b) What did Aunt Podger say after Uncle Podger smashed his thumb ?

Answer: She wished that the next time Uncle Podger embarked on such projects, she would visit her mother’s house.

(c) How did Uncle recent after finishing the task ?

Answer: He would remark that he couldn’t comprehend why certain individuals would hire someone to perform such straightforward tasks.

(d) Why was everyone tired after Uncle Podger put up the picture on the wall?

Answer: The task took a considerable amount of time, and Uncle Podger made it incredibly tiring.

Activity 9 Solution

Match the following words in column A with their meanings in column B:

(a) sneer
(b) evident
(c) wretched
(d) surveying

closely observing
(a) sneer
(b) evident
(c) wretched
(d) surveying
Answer: mock
Answer: clear
Answer: poor
Answer: closely observing

Activity 10 Solution

Find the antonymns of the following words from the text :

(a) rapidly

Answer: slowly

(b) lost

Answer: found

(c) remembered

Answer: forgot

(d) roughly

Answer: exactly

(e) save

Answer: waste

(f) straight

Answer: curly

Activity 11 Solution

Use the prefixes or suffixes (in-/im-/-al/-some) to form new words :

(a) different :

Answer: indifferent

(b) possible :

Answer: impossible

(c) sufficient :

Answer: insufficient

(d) arrive :

Answer: arrival

(e) whole :

Answer: wholesome

Activity 12 Solution

Write 5 sentences about what you want to be in future.

Let’s start in this way:

I would like to be …………………………………………..


I would like to be a source of reliable and helpful information for people around the world.

I would like to be a tool that empowers individuals to learn and grow in various fields.

I would like to be a bridge between different cultures and languages, fostering global understanding and communication.

I would like to be a platform for creativity and innovation, inspiring new ideas and solutions.

I would like to be a positive force for education, assisting students and learners in their quest for knowledge and skills.

Activity 13 Solution

We have already learnt Plural Nouns. Find some of these from the following sentences and then make other sentences with them:

(a) He wore his old trousers to school.

Answer: New Sentence: He wore brown trousers to the party.

(b) Mother wanted the scissors to cut the thread.

Answer: New Sentence: She used the scissors to cut the paper.

(c) The press went public over the issue.

Answer: New Sentence: The park is a public space for everyone to enjoy.

(d) At the station, the goods were unloaded from the train.

Answer: New Sentence: The store sells a variety of goods, including clothing and electronics.

(e) His true colours came to the forefront at the meeting.

Answer: New Sentence:The rainbow displayed a beautiful array of colors in the sky.

Activity 14 Solution

Now write a summary of the given passage:

Then he would spring round the room, looking for his handkerchief. He could not find his handkerchief, because it was in the pocket of the coat he had taken off, and he did not know where he had put the coat. All the house had to leave off looking for his tools, and start looking for his coat; while he would dance round and hinder them.

Answer: The passage describes a scenario where a person is searching for their handkerchief in a room. They are unable to locate it because the handkerchief is actually in the pocket of a coat they had removed earlier. Since they can’t remember where they placed the coat, the entire household shifts their focus from searching for the person’s tools to searching for the coat. Meanwhile, the person continues to move around the room, causing disruption as they hinder others’ search efforts.

Activity 15 Solution

Narrate a funny incident that you have experienced. You may use the following points:

Brief account of the incident – when it happened – the funniest part of the incident – funny characters involved, if any.

Answer: Once, during a family camping trip last spring, my uncle mistook a raccoon for his missing flip-flop. It occurred in the middle of the night while we were roasting marshmallows. The raccoon snatched the flip-flop and scurried off, leaving my uncle chasing it in his socks, yelling, “Give it back, you thief!” The sight of him pursuing a raccoon over footwear had us all in stitches, and it became the campfire story of the trip.

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