Learn Yoga from Animals Question Answer | Maharashtra Board Class 7 Chapter 2.5 Solution

Maharashtra Board Class 7 Balbharati English Chapter 2.5 Question Answer | Learn Yoga from Animals Solutions Download PDF

1. Complete the following diagrams.

(A) Benefits to Yoga

Answer :

Exercises that enhance the body’s ability to focus and concentrate.It aids in enhancing focus while also improving flexibility, balance, and strength.It has the potential to enhance heart health.It has the potential to improve sleep quality and may also combat depression.

(B) Precautions of Yoga

Answer :

If you’re new to yoga, it’s advisable to begin your practice under the guidance of a yoga teacher or by joining a class. This will help you grasp the fundamentals and understand the dos and don’ts of yoga.Practice asanas in a clean, well-lit, and airy room with a level floor. Using a yoga mat is recommended. If indoor practice isn’t feasible, opt for practicing on level ground outdoors.The optimal times for practice are in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before dinner.

(c) What is Yoga?

Answer :

A holistic discipline of physical, mental, and spiritual practices perfected in ancient India.A comprehensive practice that engages the entire mind-body-soul complex of a human being.An integrated system of physical exercises that aids in achieving concentration, focus, while also enhancing flexibility, balance, and strength.

(3) List the names of body parts used in the passage?

Answer : Shoulders, spine, forehead, tongue, Hands, palms, the naval, Legs, toes, heels, Eyes, knees, wrists, tail bone, elbow, hips, calf muscles, the pubis, arms, neck, chin and nose uses when inhale exhale.

(4) List the adverbs/adverbial phrases used in the passage.

Answer : Completely, Involving, solving, flexibility, deeply, slowly, immediately, gently.

(6) What do you like better the origin or the parody? Why?

Answer : Numerous poetic devices add intrigue to the reading experience. Additionally, the abundance of imagery helps quickly grasp the concept.

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