How doth the little busy bee Question Answer | Maharashtra Board Class 7 Chapter 2.4

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(1) Write the meaning of –

Doth, opening in the context of the poem, cell.

Answer : Doth – In this poem the meaning of ‘doth’ is the word of old origin.

Meaning of doth – Archaic, third person singular present of do. Doth is a form of the word ‘do’ which is defined as to perform an action. They get back to their nest and relax.

Opening – Meaning of opening is blooming when a plant or tree blooms. It produces flowers. When a flower blooms, it opens.

Cell – Meaning of cell is functional and structural unit of life.

(3) Answer the following questions and write in short. Why the parody sounds funny.

(a) What does the bee stand for?

Answer : Bees, black and yellow insects that live in large groups, produce honey, a sweet substance we eat. Building bee populations promotes environmental and economic sustainability.

(b) What does the crocodile stand for?

Answer : The poem depicts a cunning crocodile, a large reptile with a lengthy tail and a big mouth filled with sharp teeth. Crocodiles inhabit rivers, primarily in hot countries.

(c) Why does the bee work hour after hour?

Answer : A honeybee’s workday can range from a few hours to around 12, depending on its role in the beehive. Worker bees, responsible for tasks like collecting nectar or pollen, typically spend most daylight hours outside, but return to the nest to rest once darkness falls.

(d) Why does the crocodile work?

Answer : Crocodiles, as reptiles, use their powerful jumps to catch and devour prey.

(e) Is a bee a gentle creature? Is the crocodile gentle?

Answer : When comparing bees and crocodiles, it’s evident that both can attack, but bees do so only when they perceive a threat, whereas crocodiles may attack regardless of the presence of a threat. Therefore, considering this aspect, it can be concluded that bees are gentler creatures than crocodiles.

(6) What do you like better the original or the parody? Why?

Answer : I like the original poem more than the parody.

The original poem carries a meaningful message and uses various poetic devices, making it engaging to read. Additionally, it includes vivid imagery that helps convey the concept efficiently.

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