My Diary Question Answer – Class 7 English Chapter 12 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 7 English Chapter 12 My Diary Solution – WB Board English Medium Text Book Blossoms Class 7 Question Answer from Chapter 12 My Diary by Anne Frank. The solution of the activity questions at the end of the Chapter 12 of Class VII will not only help you preparing for the exam, you will learn grammar and comprehension by exercising the questionnaire.

My Diary - Class 7 English - Chapter 12 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(a) Anne Frank’s birthday was on

(i) 14th the June

(ii) 12th June

(iii) 20th June

Answer: (ii) 12th June

(b) Moortje is Anne’s

(i) pet dog

(ii) pet bird

(iii) pet cat

Answer: (iii) pet cat

(c) During recess in the school Anne treated everyone with

(i) sweet biscuits

(ii) Chocolates

(iii) sweets

Answer: (i) sweet biscuits

Activity 2 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) What did Anne do when she could no longer control her curiosity?

Answer: Anne entered the dining room, unable to resist her curiosity any longer.

(b) Which present did Anne did see first? Why does she refer to it  as ‘you’ ?

Answer: Moortje, Anne’s pet cat, warmly welcomed her.

(c) Who is the author of the  book “Tales and Legends of Netherlands” ?

Answer: The book “Tales and Legends of the Netherlands” is authored by Joseph Cohen.

(d) What did Anne want to do with the money that she got as birthday gift?

Answer: Anne desired to purchase the book titled “The Myths of Greece and Rome.”

Activity 3 Solution

Arrange the following sentences in the proper sequence:

(a) Anne went to the dining room.

Answer: 2

(b) Anne went to school with her friends.

Answer: 5

(c) Anne went to the sitting room.

Answer: 4

(d) Anne woke up.

Answer: 1

(e) Anne went to her mummy and daddy.

Answer: 3

Activity 4 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) When did have her birthday party ?

Answer: Anne had her birthday party on Sunday afternoon.

(b) What is “The Light House keeper” ?

Answer: “The Lighthouse Keeper” is a film.

(c) Who had been Anne’s best friend for years?

Answer: Lies Goosens and Sanne Houtman had been Anne’s best friends for years.

(d) Where did Anne meet her present best friend?

Answer: Anne met her present best friend at the Jewish Secondary School.

Activity 5 Solution

Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(a) Anne has a sister who is

(i) thirteen years old

(ii) sixteen years old

(iii) fourteen years old

Answer: (ii) sixteen years old

(b) Kitty is Anne’s

(i) friend

(ii) sister

(iii) diary

Answer: (iii) diary

(c) The above text is a

(i) biography

(ii) diary

(iii) short story

Answer: (i) biography

(d) Anne had to say goodbye to

(i) Mrs. K

(ii) Margot

(iii) her parents

Answer: (i) Mrs. K

Activity 6 Solution

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

YearWhat happened
1926Answer: Anne’s sister was born
Answer: 1929The author was born
1933Answer: The author and her family emigrated to Holland
1938Answer: The author’s two uncles escaped to the U.S.A.
Answer: The author’s grandmother died

Activity 7 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) What is the saying that came back to Anne on one her melancholy days?

Answer: The saying is “paper is more patient than man”.

(b) Why does Anne consider her dairy to be dear friend ?

Answer: Anne prefers not to record a mere sequence of plain facts in her diary, unlike the majority of individuals.

(c) Where was Anne father appointed when they emigrated to Holland ?

Answer: Anne’s father was appointed Managing Director of Travies N.V.

(d) Why was Anne’s life filled with anxiety ?

Answer: Anne’s life was filled with anxiety as her family experienced the profound effects of Hitler’s anti-Jewish laws.

Activity 8 Solution

Identity which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers:

(a) Anne thought that no one will be interest in the unbosoming of a thirteen-year-old school girl.

Answer: True

Supporting statement : Anne thought that no one will be interest in the unbosoming of a thirteen-year-old school girl.

(b) In her diary Anne wanted to bring out all kinds of things that lay buried deep in her heart.

Answer: True

Supporting statement : In her diary Anne wanted to bring out all kinds of things that lay buried deep in her heart.

(c) Anne was born lack everything.

Answer: False

Supporting statement : Anne was born lack everything.

(d) Anne was born in Holland.

Answer: False

Supporting statement : In frank front on main, I followed on June 12, 1929.

(e) Anne was admitted in the fourth from in the jewish Seconadry School.

Answer: False

Supporting statement : She was into the fourth form and I went to text first.

Activity 9(a) Solution

Find the antonyms of the following words from the text. You will find the words in the paragraphs mentioned in the brackets:

(a) familiar:

Answer: odd

(b) imaginary:

Answer: real

(c) inside:

Answer: outside

(d) hate:

Answer: love

(e) happy:

Answer: sad

(f) past:

Answer: present

Activity 9(b) Solution

Make sentences with the words that you have found in Activity 9(a).


(a) familiar: I couldn’t see any familiar faces in the room.

(b) imaginary: The story is set in an imaginary world.

(c) inside: I left my key inside my room.

(d) hate: I hate to see animals suffering.

(e) happy: He is truly happy who makes others happy.

(f) past: Things past cannot be recalled.

Activity 10 Solution

Fill in the gaps with the words given below:

series, stubborn, control, recess, terrific

(a) We should try to _________________ our anger.

Answer: control

(b) Maradona was a ________________ footballer.

Answer: terrific

(c) Rahul is a _______________ boy.

Answer: stubborn

(d) We took our lunch during the _________________.

Answer: recess

(e) He drew a _________________ of pictures.

Answer: series

Activity 11 Solution

Make as many words as you can with the prefix “-un.” Make sentences of your own with those words.


(a) Unhappy: She felt unhappy after hearing the bad news about her friend’s accident.

(b) Unfold: As we began to unfold the old map, we discovered hidden treasures marked on it.

(c) Uncover: The detective worked tirelessly to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance.

(d) Unbelievable: The magician’s tricks were so fascinating that they seemed almost unbelievable to the spectators.

(e) Unwilling: She was unwilling to participate in the game due to her busy study schedule.

(f) Unbreakable: The bond between the two friends was unbreakable, even in tough times.

(g) Unseen: The mysterious creature remained unseen in the dense forest.

Activity 12(a) Solution

Put an apostrophe (‘) in appropriate places to make possessives:


(a) Ravi’s father is a doctor.

(b) Nila wants Riya’s pen.

(c) Tendulkar is India’s pride.

(d) Sunil’s and Rahim’s bicycles are new.

(e) Raju’s brother lives in the boys’ hostel.

Activity 12(b) Solution

Put an apostrophe (‘) in appropriate places to make contracted verb forms:


(a) I’m writing a letter now.

(b) You’re a good boy.

(c) She’s drawing a picture.

(d) He would’ve done it.

(e) They’ve gone to school.

Activity 13(a) Solution

Fill in the blanks with appropriate possessive pronouns given below:

ours, mine, theirs, yours, hers

(a) This pictures is ______________ .

Answer: mine

(b) I found Seema’s book good but I couldn’t find _______________ .

Answer: yours

(c) All the essays were good but _____________ was the best.

Answer: ours

(d) Your photos are good. ________________ are terrible.

Answer: hers

(e) Rita and Mohan don’t like your drawing . Do you like ________________?

Answer: theirs

Activity 13(b) Solution

Fill in the blanks with appropriate possessive adjectives given below:

(a) This is _____________ book.

Answer: your

(b) I like ______________ new pen.

Answer: my

(c) The dog is licking ____________ paw.

Answer: its

(d) We have sold _____________ house.

Answer: our

(e) The students thanked ______________ teacher.

Answer: their

Activity 14 Solution

Underline the participle adjectives in the following sentences. Be careful, all the sentences do not have participle adjectives.

(a) A barking dog seldom bites.

Answer: barking

(b) The dog was barking loudly.

Answer: No Participle Adjective

(c) Mathematics is an interesting subject.

Answer: interesting

(d) It was an amusing story.

Answer: amusing

(e) The teacher was instructing his students.

Answer: No participle Adjective.

Activity 15 Solution

Punctuate the following passage:


Anil went to Rahul’s house yesterday morning. He asked Rahul, “Are you going to school today?” Rahul said, “No, I am going to Darjeeling. It’s such a beautiful place.” Anil said, “But, Rahul, the tests are starting from next week.” Rahul answered, “Don’t worry, I have prepared well for them.” Anil came back home a little sad, but he was happy for Rahul.

Activity 16 Solution

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the verbs given in brackets:


a. I will see (see) you tomorrow.

b. The students wrote (write) a summary.

c. Ali has been reading (read) this book since morning.

d. I had finished (finish) my work when Mukta came to see me.

e. When I visited her, she was singing (sing).

f. He told me that his mother had been (be) ill for six days.

g. He will come (come) here tomorrow.

h. I have been leaving (live) in Kolkata for five years.

i. The train had left (leave) before they reached the station.

j. The cold wind is blowing (blow) hard.

Activity 17 Solution

A biography is a detailed account of someone’s life written by some other person. Now write a short biography of Raja Rammohan Roy using the following information:


Raja Rammohan Roy, born on 22nd May 1772 to Ramakanta Roy and Tarini Devi, was a visionary scholar and social reformer. His extensive education included mastering Arabic, Persian, and Sanskrit, along with becoming a scholar in English, Latin, Greek, French, and even Tibetan.

Roy’s remarkable journey led him to Tibet and England, where he garnered knowledge and experiences that shaped his life’s work. He became the champion of the Brahmo Samaj, a reformist movement, and played a pivotal role in abolishing the cruel custom of Sati. He authored numerous books on diverse subjects.

Raja Rammohan Roy passed away on 27th September 1833, and he is buried in Bristol, England, leaving behind a legacy of enlightenment and reform.

Activity 18 Solution

Write a summary of the following prose passage:

The story of “Androcles and the Lion” is very famous. Androcles had hid himself in a cage when he saw a lion coming towards him. He feared that the lion would eat him. But the lion was limping and it appeared to be in great pain. Androcles approached the lion with courage, took up the lion’s paw and took out the large splinter of wood which had caused the flesh to rot. The lion was soon relieved of pain and it was very grateful to Androcles. Afterwards, when Androcles was taken prisoner to eat him. It was the same lion that Androcles had relieved in his pain . The animal remembered with gratitude its saviour and instead of eating him rubbed its head on the feet of Androcles.

Answer: In “Androcles and the Lion,” Androcles hides from a lion but discovers it’s in pain. He bravely removes a splinter from its paw, easing its suffering. Later, when Androcles faces capture, the same lion, grateful for the help, spares him and shows appreciation by rubbing its head on his feet.

Activity 19 Solution

Suppose you are celebrating your birthday next week. Now write a letter to your class teacher inviting him/her to your birthday party. You may begin like this:


Respected Madam,

I want to invite you to my 13th birthday on October 7th. It would mean a lot if you could celebrate with me. You’ve been an amazing teacher and a big influence in my life. Your support and lessons have made a difference, and I’d love for you to be part of this special day.

Your Student,
Sohini Das.

These questions of the My Diary by Anne Frank Chapter 12 of Class 7 has been answered by our teacher who are highly experienced in English. You can solve the questions and if you have any doubts, comment below.

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