How The Little Kite Learned to Fly Question Answer – Class 6 English Chapter 6 Solution

WB Board Class 6 English Chapter 6 How the Little Kite Learned to Fly Solution: West Bengal Bengali Medium Board (WBBSE) English Text Book Chapter 6 Solution from the Story “How the little kite learned to fly” is given below. Activity Solution from 1 to 8 (b) is given here which has been prepared by experienced teachers.

How The Little kite Learned to Fly - Class 6 English - Chapter 6 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Tick the correct alternative:

(a) the little kite thought it could not (i) run (ii) fly (iii) swim

Answer: (ii) fly

(b) the big kite told the small kite to (i) try (ii) know (iii) think

Answer: (i) try

(c) White flying the little kite was filled with (i) pity (ii) pride (iii) pain

Answer: (ii) pride

(d) The boys looked like small (i) dots (ii) patches (iii) spots

Answer: (iii) spots

Activity 2 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The big kite rose towards the ____________________________

Answer: The big kite rose towards the Tranquil sky.

(b) The little kite’s paper _______________________________

Answer: The little kite’s paper Stirred at the sight.

(c) The little kite smiled with the big kite _______________________

Answer: The little kite smiled with the big kite side by side.

(d) The little kite and the big kite ___________________________

Answer: The little kite and the big kite rested high in the quite air.

Activity 3 Solution

Answer the following question:

What made the little kite’s paper stir at sight of the tranquil sky?

Answer: The eagerness to fly like the big kite made the little stir at the sight of the tranquil sky.

Activity 4 Solution

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

(a) Answer: the little kite thought that it would fall down.The kite was afraid to fly.
(b) The little kite grew braver.Answer: the little kite rose up through the air along.
(c) Answer: the little kite sailed with the big kite side by side.The little kite was thrilled with pride.
(d) Answer: the boys were far below from the little kite.The boys looked like small spots.

Activity 5 Solution

Answer the following questions in complete sentences :

(a) What did the big kite tell the little kite to do ?

Answer: The big kite told the little kite to try to fly.

(b) How did the little kite prepare himself for flight ?

Answer: The little kite stirred at the sight of the big flight, whirled and then grew braver flight. In this way the little kite prepared himself for the flight.

(c) Whom did the kites get as companions high up in the quite air ?

Answer: High up in the quite air, the kites got birds and clouds as their companions.

(d) “Oh, how happy I am “ — Why did the little kite feel so?

Answer: The little kite felt so because he could prove himself one who had tried brave to fly.

Activity 6(a) Solution

Fill in the blanks with suitable articles:

(i) ________________ Nile flows through Egypt.

Answer: The Nile flows through Egypt.

(ii) Iron is _______________ useful metal.

Answer: Iron is a useful metal.

(iii) I waited at the station for ______________ hour.

Answer: I waited at the station for an hour.

(iv) She is ________________ European.

Answer: She is a European.

Activity 6(b) Solution

Tick the appropriate form of the given verbs in brackets:

(i) No news (is/are) good news.

Answer: is

(ii) Each of the children (has/have) arrived.

Answer: has

(iii) The mother and her child (is/ are) going to the market.

Answer: are

(iv) Esha as well as her sister ______________ (is/ are) taking part in the school sports.

Answer: is

Activity 7(a) Solution

Add a prefix or a suffix to the following words to form opposites:

learn : _________________

Answer: unlearn

steadily : ______________

Answer: unsteadily

rest : _________________

Answer: unrest

cloud : _______________

Answer: clear

happy : _______________

Answer: unhappy

Activity 7(b) Solution

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

tranquil : _____________________________

Answer: tranquil : A walk in the tranquil forest was all he needed to clear his mind and find inner peace.

frightened : ___________________________

Answer: frightened : The sudden loud noise frightened the cat, causing it to jump in surprise.

sailed : ________________________________

Answer: sailed : They sailed across the ocean to explore distant lands.

brave : _________________________________

Answer: brave : Facing the wild animals in the jungle required a brave explorer.

Activity 8(a) Solution

Read the paragraph carefully and fill in the following chart with information from the passage:

Last summer, four of us went to Arun,s aunt,s place in the Sunderbans. They were my friends – Sumit and Arun and his younger brother, Barun. Sumit, Arun and I study in class x and Barun is two years younger to us. We began the journey on Monday. We travelled by bus and then by boat. We stayed there for three days. We visited the bird sanctuary. We returned on Thursday evening at 7.30pm.

(a) number of peopleAnswer: four
(b) names of the peopleAnswer: Sumit, Arun, Barun
(c) destinationAnswer: Sunderbans
(d) duration of the tripAnswer: three days
(e) vehicles usedAnswer: Bus , Boat
(f) places visitedAnswer: bird sanctuary

Activity 8(b) Solution

Now, write a dialogue between two sisters, where the elder sister is encouraging the younger one to read out a patriotic poem in her school on Independence Day.


Elder Sister: Hey, sister, I heard you were asked to read a patriotic poem on Indian Independence Day. That’s amazing!

Younger Sister: Yeah, but I’m really nervous.

Elder Sister: Don’t worry. I know that you know the poem by heart.

Younger Sister: I guess you are right. I will try my best.

Elder Sister: That’s good! I will be there to support you. It is a chance to show your love for our country.

Younger Sister: Thanks, sister. I will do my best!

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