Tom Loses a Tooth Question Answer – Class 9 English Chapter 7 Solution

WB Board Class 9 English Chapter 7 Tom Loses a Tooth Solution – Download Model Activity Question Answer & Exercise Solution from West Bengal Board Bengali Medium English Class 9 Text Book Chapter 7:

Tom Loses a Tooth - Class 9 English - Chapter 7 Solution

Exercise 1 Solution

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) Tom felt miserable on the mornings of

(a) Sunday

(b) Monday

(c) Thursday

(d) Saturday

Answer: (b) Monday

(2) If Aunt Polly was to know that Tom a loose toot, she would

(a) call a doctor

(b) Bring him some medicines

(c) surely pull it out

(d) tell him to rest

Answer: (c) surely pull it out

(3) Tom drew his sore toe from under the

(a) sheet

(b) blanket

(c) pillow

(d) mosquito-net

Answer: (a) sheet

(4) Sid flew down the stairs to call

(a) the doctor

(b) Mary

(c) the nurse

(d) aunt Polly

Answer: (d) aunt Polly

(5) The thread Mary got aunt Polly was made of

(a) cotton

(b) jute

(c) silk

(d) wool

Answer: (c) silk

Exercise 2 Solution

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:

(1) Which one of Tom’s tooth had come loose?

Answer: One of Tom’s front upper teeth had become loose.

(2) How are Sid and Merry related to Tom ?

Answer: Sid and Mary are both related to Tom, with Sid being his brother and Mary his cousin.

(3) Why did Tom ask Sid not stir him ?

Answer: Tom requested that Sid refrain from stirring him, as he explained he was experiencing immense pain and believed that any movement could be fatal.

(4) Why did tom pretend his toe was paining ?

Answer: To avoid going to school and instead go fishing, Tom feigned toe pain.

Exercise 3 Solution

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(1) What did Tom remember hearing from a doctor?

Answer: Tom remembered a doctor stating that a particular ailment might force a patient to remain in bed for three days and could potentially lead to the loss of a finger.

(2) How did Aunt Polly react to the news that Tom was dying ?

Answer: Upon discovering Tom’s critical condition, Aunt Polly was initially overwhelmed with distress. She quickly ascended the stairs with Sid and Mary, her complexion growing pale, and her lips trembling.

(3) How was Tom’s loose tooth taken out?

Answer: Aunt Polly fastened a silk thread to one end of Tom’s loose tooth and connected the opposite end to the bedpost. She proceeded to remove the tooth by delicately pulling on the thread.

Exercise 4 Solution

Do as directed:

(a) Rafique was running fast. (Change into an interrogative sentence)

Answer: Was not Rafique running fast?

(b) The boy would never forget the exciting incident. (Change into an affirmative sentence)

Answer: The boy would always remember the exciting incident.

(c) We had a wonderful time last evening. (Change into an exclamatory sentence)

Answer: Ah! what a wonderful time we had last evening.

(d) He loves to play football. (Change into an interrogative sentence)

Answer: Does he not love to play football ?

(e) Rina tired all her plans.(Change into a negative sentence)

Answer: Rina did not tire all her plans.

(f) Shut the door, Robin. (Change into an assertive sentence)

Answer: Robin, please shut the door.

Exercise 5 Solution

Replace the underlined words with suitable phrasal verbs from the list given below. Change the form of verb where necessary. There is one extra phrasal verbs in the list.

(a) The enemy surrendered without a fight.

Answer: gave in

(b) The child recovered in a month.

Answer: came round

(c) The police investigated the case.

Answer: looked into

(d) Puja could understand what her sister said.

Answer: make out

(e) The old man could not remember his childhood experiences.

Answer: call up

Exercise 6 Solution

Write a newspapers report on a road accident within 100 words.


Bus Brake Failure Causes Collision with Truck; 5 Injured, Including Child and Woman

In a shocking incident today, a bus experienced a brake failure, resulting in a collision with a truck on the busy highway. The accident left five individuals injured, including a child and a woman.

Swiftly responding to the emergency, paramedics rushed to the scene, providing immediate medical attention to the injured before transporting them to the nearest hospital. Fortunately, their injuries were not life-threatening, and they were subsequently released after receiving first aid.

The accident temporarily disrupted traffic flow, causing congestion in the area. Local police intervened promptly, managing the situation and ensuring the safety of all road users.

Normalcy has since been restored, emphasizing the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and road safety awareness.

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