Summer Friends Question Answer – Class 8 English Chapter 9 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 8 English Chapter 9 Summer Friends Solution – WB Board Bengali Medium Lesson Activity Question Answer download PDF from this page. Get all activity solution of Class 8 Chapter 9 Summer Friend Questions of WB Board Textbook Blossoms.

summer friends class 8 english chapter 9 solution wb board

Activity – 1 Solution

Tick the correct alternative:

(i) The Swallow comes to the poet in

(a) spring

(b) summer

(c) winter

Answer: (b) summer

(ii) Many young friend follow the behavior of the

(a) sparrow

(b) pigeon

(c) swallow

Answer: (c) swallow

(iii) The sparrow accompanies the poet in times of

(a) snow of frost

(b) rain and thunder

(c) sunshine and warmth

Answer: (a) snow of frost

(iv) The poet wants a friend who will be like

(a) swallow

(b) sparrow

(c) nightingale

Answer: (a) swallow

Activity – 2 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The swallow chirps for weeks together when the weather ___________________ .

Answer: is fine and warm

(b) In a cold day the swallow _______________________ .

Answer: flies away

(c) Even when old friends are separated, their hearts _______________________ .

Answer: never become narrow

(d) The poet wishes for a bird that will _________________________ .

Answer: sign in frost and love in sorrow

Activity – 3 Solution

Answer the following question:

Why do you think the swallow leaves the poet during the winter season?

Answer: The Swallow is a summer bird and so it cannot deal with the biting cold of winter season. Thats why the swallow leaves the poet during winter.

Activity – 4 Solution

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

WhoDoes whatWhen
(i) Answer: The swallowChirping his notesAnswer: in fine and warm weather
(ii) The sparrowAnswer: Clings closer to manAnswer: In dreary days of snow and frost
(iii) Old friendsAnswer: Never narrow their heartsAnswer: Even when they are separated
(iv) A true friend of the poetAnswer: Greets himThe poet had mischance

Activity – 5 Solution

Answer the following questions:

(a) What does the swallow do in summer?

Answer: During the summer, the swallow continuously sings its melodies for weeks.

(b) How is the behavior of a “gay young friend” similar to that of the swallow?

Answer: In winter, the swallow departs just as a “gay young friend” would abandon their companion during challenging times.

(c) What type of a friend does the poet want?

Answer: The poet desires a companion akin to the sparrow, steadfast even amidst his misfortunes.

(d) Whom does the poet like- the swallow or the sparrow? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The poet admires the sparrow for its unwavering presence, remaining by the man’s side even in challenging times.

Activity – 6(a) Solution

Read the following sentences. Identify noun clauses, Adjective clauses and Adverb clauses and fill in the chart given below:

(i) I expect that I shall get a prize.

(ii) The umbrella which has a yellow handle is mine.

(iii) When I was younger I used to fly kites.

(iv) I remember that house Where I was born.

Noun ClauseAdjective ClauseAdverb Clause
Answer: That I shall get a prizeAnswer: Which has a yellow handle is mineAnswer: When I was younger
Answer: Where I was born

Activity – 6(b) Solution

Change the following sentences into indirect speech:

(i) The sailor said to us, “There will be a storm.”

Answer: The sailor told us that there would be a storm.

(ii) The teacher said to the student, “Did you come to school yesterday?”

Answer: The teacher asked the student if he had come to school the previous day.

(iii) The tired guest said to the host, “Please give me a glass of cold water.”

Answer: The tired guest requested the host to give him a glass of cold water.

(iv) Rita said, “How happy I am!”

Answer: Rita exclaimed that she was very happy.

(v) My grandmother said, “May you live long!”

Answer: My grandmother wished that I might live long.

Activity – 7 Solution

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

(a) guest : ___________________________

Answer: guest : The guest arrived early for the party.

(b) dreary : _________________________

Answer: dreary : His jokes never failed to lighten even the dreariest of days.

(c) narrow : __________________________

Answer: narrow : Be careful while driving on this narrow road.

(d) mischance : _________________________

Answer: mischance : The mischance of a canceled flight delayed their vacation plans.

Activity – 8(a) Solution

Write a short story in about eighty words using the following hints. Give a suitable title to the story:


The Farmer and the Chilled Snake

One frosty morning, a compassionate farmer found a nearly frozen snake in his field. He couldn’t bear to leave it to perish, so he carefully wrapped it in his warm coat and brought it home. By the fireplace, he nursed the snake back to health with gentle care and kindness.

Days passed, and the snake regained its strength. However, as the farmer’s young son approached the once-feeble snake with curiosity, it coiled, ready to strike. With a heavy heart, the farmer knew he had to protect his family. Swiftly, he chased the snake away, torn between gratitude and duty, hoping it would find a better path.

Activity – 8(b) Solution

Suppose you have a bird that talks and plays with you. Write a paragraph in about eighty words on how you spent a day with the bird during your summer vacation.

Answer: On a splendid summer day, my talkative companion, a colorful parrot named Rio, and I embarked on an adventure in the lush woods. We chatted about our dreams and shared laughter while playing hide-and-seek among the towering trees. Rio’s vivid plumage shimmered in the dappled sunlight as we picnicked by a babbling brook, savoring sandwiches and juicy berries. Later, we soared high in the sky, Rio teaching me the art of flying among the clouds. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we returned home, grateful for our magical day of friendship and joy.

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