Where do all the Teachers Go Question Answer | UP Board Class 8 Chapter 9 Solution

UP Board Class 8th Chapter 9 Where do All the Teachers Solutions for English Text Book Rainbow

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Why does the poet want to know where the teachers go at four o’clock?

Answer : By four in the afternoon, school ends. To poets, teachers are not just ordinary individuals; they are special. Therefore, he is curious about their whereabouts at four o’clock.

(2) What are the things normal people do that the poet talks about?

Answer : The poet discusses ordinary individuals who reside in houses, launder their socks, don pajamas, watch television, engage in casual habits like nose-picking, and coexist with others.

(3) What does he imagine about

(i) where teachers live?

(ii) what they do at home?

(iii) the people with whom they live?

(iv) their activities when they were children in school?

Answer : (i) He imagines whether the teacher lives in houses.

(ii) He imagines whether they wear pajamas and watch TV at home.

(iii) He wonders if they live with other people and have parents just like everyone else.

(iv) He wonders if they ever make mistakes, get punished for stealing chocolate flakes, lose their hymn books, leave their green vegetables untouched, or scribble on their benches.

(4) Why does the poet wonder if teachers also do things that other people do?

Answer : To the poet, teachers are distinctive individuals, set apart from the ordinary. Hence, he ponders whether teachers engage in the same activities as common folk.

(5) How does the poet plan to find out? What will he do once he finds out?

Answer : The poet intends to accompany a teacher on their journey home, seeking answers to his questions. Once he gathers the information he seeks, he will craft a poem from his findings, for everyone to read or hear.

Word Power Question Answer

Question 1.

What do you think these phrases from the poem mean?

(1) punished in the corner __________________________

Answer : punished in the corner whether teachers were taken away from other for punishment.

(2) leave their greens _________________________________

Answer : leave their greens did the teachers ever leave their plate of green vegetables?

Question 2.

Your teacher will speak the words given below. Write against each two new words, that rhyme with it.

(1) bed

Answer : Red, Wed.

(2) wax

Answer : Max, Relax.

(3) fast

Answer : Last, Blast.

(4) chop

Answer : Top, Hop.

(5) young

Answer : Tongue, Flung.

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