The Old Kaki Question Answer | UP Board Class 8 Chapter 11 Solutions

The Old Kaki UP Board Class 8 Less on 11 Question Answer Solution Download PDF

Comprehension Question Solutions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Who did ‘Kaki’ live with?

Answer : Kaki resided with her nephew Buddhiram and his family.

(2) Who was Ladli? Was she sympathetic towards her Kaki?

Answer : Ladli was the sole daughter of Buddhiram. Indeed, she harbored sympathy for her Kaki.

(3) What was the occasion for celebration in Buddhiram’s house?

Answer : It was the engagement celebration of Buddhiram’s eldest son.

(4) Why did Kaki feel insulted?

Answer : Upon seeing Kaki seated near the Kadhai, Rupa grew furious, seizing Kaki with both hands and hurling insults. Kaki felt deeply offended.

(5) Why did Rupa apologise to Kaki? Did Kaki forgive her?

Answer : Rupa apologized for her mistake of neglecting to serve food to Kaki while many guests were enjoying the feast. Indeed, Kaki forgave her.

(6) Why did Pandit Buddhiram become red with anger and what did he do?

Answer : As Kaki stealthily entered the courtyard where guests were dining, one individual felt repulsed and sounded an alarm, cautioning others to be wary of her presence. Witnessing this, Pandit Buddhiram’s anger flared. He seized Kaki and forcefully pulled her into the room.

(7) How should old people be treated?

Answer : Elderly individuals also require care, love, and affection. They deserve to be treated with respect and kind words.

Question 2.

Who said these lines and to whom:

(1) “Be careful, she may touch someone.”

Answer : one guest to the others.

(2) “Get up Kaki, I have brought purees for you.”

Answer : Ladli to Kaki.

(3) “Take me to the place where the guests were eating.”

Answer : Kaki to Ladli.

(4) “No! It’s my share.”

Answer : Ladli to Kaki.

Word Power Solutions

Question 1.

Complete the sentences with suitable words given in the box :

tempting, dragged, properly, melted, crept, forgave

(1) The cat ________ silently towards the bird.

Answer : The cat crept silently towards the bird.

(2) The ice-cream in the cup ________ as it was very hot.

Answer : The ice-cream in the cup melted as it was very hot.

(3) The mother _________ me for my mistake.

Answer : The mother forgave me for my mistake.

(4) The labourer _________ the jute rice sack into the room.

Answer : The labourer dragged the jute rice sack into the room.

(5) He always does his work ____________ .

Answer : He always does his work properly.

(6) The dish which Amit prepared look ____________ .

Answer : The dish which Amit prepared look tempting.

Language Practice Question Answer

Question 1.

Complete the following sentences using-already / yet / still:

(1) They have ________ left.

Answer : They have already left.

(2) Are you __________ angry with me?

Answer : Are you still angry with me?

(3) We are not ready to leave _________.

Answer : We are not ready to leave yet.

(4) She’s ___________ reached there.

Answer : She’s already reached there.

(5) Sholay is ____________ my favourite movie.

Answer : Sholay is still my favourite movie.

(6) Don’t start the car ___________. Wait for Manju.

Answer : Don’t start the car yet. Wait for Manju.

Question 2.

Complete the following story with the help of words given below:

Answer : lion, tree, mouse, woke, kill, begged, pity, lion, repay, laughed, caught, trap, struggled, mouse, noise, nibbling, sharp, gnawed, At last.

Good deeds are rewarded

Make new words with the letters from the word ‘CELEBRATIONS’:

Answer : Cartons, Blaster, Action, Lobster, Trances, Cabinet, Reacts.

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