The Holy Ganga Question Answer | UP Board Class 7 Chapter 2 Solution

UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 2 The Holy Ganga Solution – Download Uttar Pradesh State Board The Holy Exercise Question Answer here.

Comprehension Questions Answer

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Which is the “National River” of India?

Answer : The Ganga holds the title of India’s National River.

(2) Where does the Ganga begin its journey from?

Answer : The journey of the Ganga starts at Gomukh, an icy cave nestled in the Himalayas.

(3) Where do the Yamuna and the Saraswati join it?

Answer : At Allahabad, the Yamuna and the Saraswati rivers merge with her.

(4) Where does the Ganga end its long journey?

Answer : The Ganga concludes her extensive journey at the Bay of Bengal.

(5) Why is Ganga’s purity our responsibility?

Answer : The Ganga stands as India’s paramount river, serving as the nation’s lifeline, abundantly supplying water for our needs. Its fertile plains nurture thriving ecosystems along its banks. Revered as India’s most sacred river, ensuring the purity of the Ganga is a collective responsibility we uphold.

Question 2.

Choose the right option:

(1) Gomukh is the place where

(i) the Ganga begins its journey

(ii) the river ends

(iii) the mountains meet

Answer : (i) the Ganga begins its journey

(2) The Ganga ends at

(i) Prayag

(ii) Haridwar

(iii) the Bay of Bengal

Answer : (iii) the Bay of Bengal

(3) Triveni Sangam is the meeting place of the

(i) three mountains

(ii) three cities

(iii) three rivers

Answer : (iii) three rivers

(4) The place where the Ganga joins the sea is –

(i) the Yamuna Sagar

(ii) the Ganga Sagar

(iii) the Saraswati Sagar

Answer : (iii) the Saraswati Sagar

Word Power Question Answer

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box:

Lifeline, Journey, Holy, Believe, Cultures

(1) _______________ in yourself.

Answer : Believe in yourself.

(2) Dal Lake is the _____________ of Kashmir.

Answer : Dal Lake is the lifeline of Kashmir.

(3) Bible is the ___________ book of Christians.

Answer : Bible is the holy book of Christians.

(4) Children should respect different _____________.

Answer : Children should respect different cultures.

(5) I always enjoy a ____________ by train.

Answer : I always enjoy a journey by train.

Question 2.

Make the correct words from the jumbled letters and use capital letters where necessary :

(1) ggana

Answer : Ganga.

(2) uhokmg

Answer : Gomukh.

(3) srdiahwa

Answer : Haridwar.

(4) etirvin

Answer : Triveni.

(5) masgna

Answer : Sangam.

Language Practice Question Answer

Question 1.

Write each adjective in its comparative and superlative forms :

Answer :


Question 2.

Write a few sentences under the following head. First discuss it with your teacher.

Why Should We Keep the Ganga Clean ?

Answer :

  • Our national river is the Ganga.
  • The Ganga serves as India’s lifeline.
  • It holds the status of being one of the world heritages.
  • The Ganga provides fresh water to many states of India.
  • Lakhs of devotees partake in a holy dip in the Ganga.
  • The Ganga is considered sacred and is worshipped as the goddess Ganga.

Question 3.

fill have/has wherever necessary:

(1) A crocodile ________ four legs.

Answer : A crocodile has four legs.

(2) I __________ no brother.

Answer : I have no brother.

(3) My friend _________ two brothers.

Answer : My friend has two brothers.

(4) Do you __________ a car?

Answer : Do you have a car?

(5) Hari ____________ a scooter.

Answer : Hari has a scooter.

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