Three Questions Solution; UP Board Class 8 Chapter 12 Question Answer

Three Questions UP Board Class 8 English Chapter 12 Question Answer solution – Read all the Questions from the Three Questions Uttar Pradesh Board Class 8 English Lesson 12 from this article. From this article, you can download the PDF of the Exercise Solutions of the Comprehension and Word Power including the Language Practice Section.

up board class 8 chapter 12 question answer solution - three questions download pdf

Comprehension Question Solution

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What were the king’s three questions?

Answer :

(2) Why did the king want to know the answers to these questions?

Answer : The king believed that he would never falter as long as he possessed the answers to these three questions.

(3) Did the wise men win the reward? If not why?

Answer : None of the wise men claimed the reward since the king found none of their answers satisfactory.

(4) How did the king help the hermit?

Answer : The king, taking the spade from the exhausted hermit, commenced digging the ground.

(5) Who wounded the bearded man?

Answer : The bearded man had been wounded by the king’s bodyguards.

(6) Who was the bearded man? How did the king and the hermit help the wounded man?

Answer : The bearded man, an enemy of the king, had sought to end his life. Despite this, the king tended to his wounds, providing fresh water and, with the hermit’s assistance, brought him inside the hut to rest.

(7) What did the bearded man promise to do for the king?

Answer : The bearded man pledged that if he survived, he would devote himself to the king as his most loyal servant.

(8) Which is the most important time, the most important person and the most important thing to do?

Answer : The paramount moment is the present, the foremost individual is the one in our company, and the utmost priority is to bring goodness to that individual.

Question 2.

Who said these lines and to whom:

(1) “Let me take the spade and dig for you”.

Answer : The king to the hermit .

(2) “Here comes someone running.”

Answer : The hermit to the king .

(3) “Forgive me.”

Answer : The bearded man to the king .

Word Power Solution

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the opposites of the words given in the brackets:

(1) I am not an __________ of yours. (friend)

Answer : I am not an enemy of yours.

(2) The old woman was too __________ to walk. (strong)

Answer : The old woman was too weak to walk.

(3) He is a very faithful __________ of mine. (master)

Answer : He is a very faithful servant of mine.

(4) I have warned him for the _________ time. (first)

Answer : I have warned him for the last time.

(5) You should ____________ these rules of grammar. (forget)

Answer : You should remember these rules of grammar.

(6) They are going to ___________ him for his bravery. (punish)

Answer : They are going to reward him for his bravery.

Question 2.

Instead of saying ‘light of the moon’, we can say ‘moonlight which is a compound word. Give compound words for each of the following:

(1) The time to go to bed.

Answer : Bedtime.

(2) The shine of the sun.

Answer : Sunshine.

(3) Cloth of the table.

Answer : Tablecloth.

(4) Room for a class.

Answer : Classroom.

(5) Work to be done at home.

Answer : Homework.

(6) The pot for flowers.

Answer : Flowerpot.

Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

Combine each pair of sentences, using ‘ing’ phrase. One has been done for you:

(1) Shravana carried his blind parents. He went from place to place.

Answer : Carrying his blind parents, Shravana went from place to place.

(2) She sought permission from her mother. She went to the party.

Answer : Seeking permission from her mother, she went to the party.

(3) The robbers saw the policeman. They ran away.

Answer : Seeing the policeman, the robbers ran away.

(4) Sheena concentrated on the target. She shot the arrow.

Answer : Concentrating on the target, Sheena shot the arrow.

(5) The teacher looked at the painting. The teacher praised it.

Answer : Looking at the painting, the teacher praised it.

Question 2.

Write the questions to which the words underlined are the answers:

(1) Indu reached home at 4:00 p.m..

Answer : When did Indu reach home?

(2) He became successful by working hard.

Answer : How did he become successful?

(3) They want to sell their old car.

Answer : What do they want to sell?

(4) Meetu’s parents are going to the museum.

Answer : Where are Meetu’s parents going?

Activity Question Answer

To forgive others, you should have some qualities. Put a tick (✓) against those that would let you forgive. Put a cross (✗) against those that would not let you forgive:

(1) anger

Answer : (✗)

(2) sympathy

Answer : (✓)

(3) compassion

Answer : (✓)

(4) selfishness

Answer : (✗)

(5) kindness

Answer : (✓)

(6) consideration

Answer : (✓)

(7) trust

Answer : (✓)

(8) love

Answer : (✓)

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