Thank You God Question Answer | UP Board Class 7 Chapter 1 Solution

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thank you god poem question answer

Summary of the Poem:

Thanking God for everything in the world is what the Poem is about. It praises God for things in nature, like the sky, sun, and moon, and asks that everyone be blessed. For peace, love, kindness, and courage, the author asks God to bless us.

Also, they ask for the strength to always serve God. The poem ends by asking God to be with us in everything we do and say. This shows that the author loves and respects God.

Comprehension Question Answer

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What are the things for which we should thank God?

Answer : We ought to express gratitude to God for everything in our surroundings, every creature inhabiting the earth, and all phenomena across the universe.

(2) What are we asking God to give us?

Answer : Each day, we implore God to grant us love, kindness, and courage.

(3) What does ‘live in peace and harmony’ mean?

Answer : To live in peace and harmony entails refraining from conflict with others and actively cooperating with them in all matters, thus fostering peace and harmony throughout.

(4) Why does the poet want strength?

Answer : The poet desires strength to faithfully serve God in all circumstances.

(5) What does the word ‘Almighty’ mean in the poem?

Answer : It signifies God, possessing the utmost power and boundless strength.

Question 2.

Complete the given stanza from the poem:

For all the ___________ around us, big and __________,

For all the _________ on this earth, __________ and tall,

For the ___________ blue sky, the sun, the ___________ and all,

__________ God! We __________ you and to you we call.

Answer :

For all the things around us, big and small,

For all the creatures on this earth, short and tall,

For the lovely blue sky, the sun, the moon and all,

Almighty God! We thank you and to you we call.

Word Power Question Answer

Question 1.

Fill in the letters to form meaningful words given in the poem:

(1) h_rm_ny

Answer : harmony

(2) k_nd__ss

Answer : kindness

(3) p_a_e

Answer : peace

(4) c_e_t_r_

Answer : creature

(5) co_r_ge_

Answer : courage

(6) a_mig_ty

Answer : almighty

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