A Hero Question Answer | UP Board Class 8 Chapter 10 Solutions

UP Board Class 8 English Solutions Class 8th Lesson 10 Exercise Questions & Answers – Comprehension, Language Practice & Word Power Question and Answer from the Text Book Chapter 10 A Hero is given in this page. You can download the PDF file from the link given in this article. If you have any questions regarding the same, you can comment below.

a hero solutions up board class 8 chapter lesson 10 question and answer


The short story collection “Malgudi Days” has “A Hero” in it. It’s about a boy who is afraid to sleep by himself at first, but his father makes him do it anyway. At the end of the story, the boy shows how brave he is. He not only gets over his fear of sleeping alone, but he also catches a thief, which makes him a real hero.

Comprehension Questions Answers

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What news did Swami’s father read in the newspaper?

Answer : While journeying through the jungle path on his way home, Swami’s father encountered a narrative detailing the courage displayed by a village lad confronting a tiger.

(2) What does Swami’s father quote regarding strength and courage?

Answer : He remarked that one individual might possess the might of an elephant yet lack courage, while another with the strength of a straw could exhibit bravery and accomplish anything.

(3) Why did Swami’s father ask him to sleep in his office room?

Answer : Swami’s father desired for Swami to demonstrate his bravery and overcome his fear of darkness. Therefore, he requested that Swami sleep in his office.

(4) What was Swami’s condition when he lay amidst the furniture?

Answer : Swami’s heart quickened its pace, prompting him to tightly shut his eyes and wrap himself in his blanket as he perspired with fear.

(5) What was the incident which showed Swami’s bravery?

Answer : Alone in the dimly lit office room, Swami detected a stirring presence. Mistaking it for a ghost, he embraced it fiercely and bit down on its ankle. To his surprise, it turned out to be a notorious thief who, injured by Swami’s bite, was subsequently apprehended by the police. This event served as undeniable proof of Swami’s courage.

Question 2.

Write whether the following statements are true’ or false’:

(1) Swami lives in Malgudi village.

Answer : True.

(2) Swami always slept beside his mother.

Answer : False.

(3) Swami remembered all the stories of devils and ghosts.

Answer : True.

(4) The police said that Swami was a true scout.

Answer : False.

Word Power Solutions

Question 1.

Tick (✓) the correct words from the brackets:

(1) Objects like table, chair and bed used in home. (furniture / crockery)

Answer : Objects like table, chair and bed used in home. (furniture ✓/ crockery)

(2) A woollen sheet used to keep us warm. (bedsheet/blanket)

Answer : A woollen sheet used to keep us warm. (bedsheet/blanket✓)

(3) A set of rooms or building where people work. (office/playground)

Answer : A set of rooms or building where people work. (office✓/playground)

(4) A person who enters a building illegally in order to steal. (burglar/joker)

Answer : A person who enters a building illegally in order to steal. (burglar✓/joker)

Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

complete the sentences using- from… to, till, at :

(1) The crowd cheered ___________ the end of the game.

Answer : The crowd cheered till the end of the game.

(2) The train is expected __________ 12 p.m.

Answer : The train is expected at 12 p.m.

(3) Children played cricket __________ 4 p.m. _________ 6 p.m.

Answer : Children played cricket from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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