The Worm Question Answer: Class 8 English Chapter 2.3 Maharashtra Board Solutions

Maharashtra Balbharati Class 8 English Book Chapter 2.3 The Worm Question And Answers PDF Download: Maharashtra State Board Class 8 English Balbharati Chapter 2.3 Solutions have been provided in this page. We have given solutions to the Multiple Choice Questions & Short Questions and their answers for the poem “The Worm” by Thomas Gisborne.

The worm poem questions and answers download pdf

Summary of the Poem: The poem “The Worm” by Thomas Gisborne shows how beautiful and valuable nature is, even in its tiny forms. The poet uses a worm to show how important all living things are in the ecosystem and to encourage readers to care for and value all living things when they are out in nature. The poem makes the point that all living things, no matter how small, are made by God and should be able to live their lives without being hurt by people.

Chapter 2.3 Questions Solution

(1) Give the modern words for the archaic words from the poem.

(1) Thy –

Answer : Your.

(2) Being –

Answer : Life.

(3) bestow’d –

Answer : Given as gift.

(4) thee –

Answer : You.

(5) thou –

Answer : you.

(6) cans’t –

Answer : can.

(2) Pick out any two other lines from the poem that contain an Apostrophe.

Answer : (i) Turn turn thy hasty food aside.

(ii) Let them enjoy their little day.

(iii) The frame thy scornful looks deride.

(3) Think and answer in your own words in your notebook:

(a) Why does the poet appeal to us, to respect the life of worm?

Answer : The poet urges us to honor the life of a worm, recognizing it as a creation of God. We lack the authority to end life, being not the creators of existence. Worms, bestowed with only a brief span, deserve to revel in their days for as long as they endure.

(b) Why do you think God created worms? What is their ecological importance?

Answer : God has crafted every creature on this Earth with a distinct purpose. Thus, worms fulfill a crucial role in upholding the ecological equilibrium of our planet.

Their ecological significance lies in –

(i) Assisting soil in maintaining cleanliness and fertility.

(ii) Facilitating increased water and air permeation within the soil.

(iii) Contributing to the decomposition of decaying vegetables, leaves, and various other organic matter.

(c) ‘Live and let live’ is a famous proverb. Which lines from the poem support this proverb?

Answer : “ O do not lightly take away The life thou canst not give!”

(d) Does the poem urge us to protect only worms? What is the general message conveyed through this poem?

Answer : The poem centers on the worm and conveys a universal message: that God has created all creatures on Earth, each playing a vital role regardless of size. Every living being holds equal rights across the planet, and since we did not grant them life, we have no authority to take it away.

(5) ‘Even small things in nature play a big role. So protect nature!’ Frame some solgans based on the above topic.

Answer : “Nature’s Little Helpers, Nature’s Big Heroes: Preserve It All!”

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