Revathi’s Musical Plants Question Answer | Class 8 English Chapter 1.4 Solutions Maharashtra Board Balbharati

Maharashtra Board Balbharati Text Book Class 8 English Chapter 1.4 Revathi’s Musical Plants Questions Answers Download PDF – Revathi’s Musical Plants MCQ Solutions.

(1) Read the story and complete the following:

(a) At first, Revathi’s plants did not look normal and healthy because,

Answer : The plant was in the shadow, preventing sunlight from reaching it and hindering its ability to undergo photosynthesis.

(b) When Revathi played her favourite raga, the plants began to move because,

Answer : The plants responded favorably to the raga tune she was playing.

(c) Revathi’s grief knew no bounds because,

Answer : She went around asking each of her neighbors, but none of them had been anywhere near the pot of plants.

(d) Revathi was confident of proving her ownership of her pot of plants because,

Answer : She was aware that her plants enjoyed music and could react to her favorite raga. They would bend their stems towards her, demonstrating their presence.

(e) Revathi won the prize for the ‘Best plant’ because,

Answer : Her plants were the most attractive and the most robust.

(2) Answer in your own words:

(a) What did Revathi discover about her balsam plants?

Answer : Revathi found that her balsam plants were thriving and appeared healthier compared to other plants. Additionally, she observed that when she played her violin, they would sway their stems and gently lean towards her.

(b) Why did she decide to keep her new knowledge ‘a secret’?

Answer : Revathi chose to keep her newfound knowledge a secret because she believed it was something special shared only between her and her beloved plants, whom she considered her friends. Alternatively, she may have felt that nobody would believe her if she mentioned that her plants were music lovers.

(c) How did the plants respond when Revathi played her favorite tune?

Answer : As Revathi played her favorite tune on her violin, the plants all inclined their stems toward her, even though there was no breeze.

(d) How did the plants react to the fast rhythmic music?

Answer : When Revathi played a tune with a rapid rhythm, the plants turned away from her, as if they didn’t appreciate what she was playing.

(e) How did Revathi prove to the organisers of the competition, that the plants truly belonged to her?

Answer : When Revathi played her favorite tune or raga, the plants slowly bent towards her, thus demonstrating to the organizer that the plants truly belonged to her.

(f) What helped Revathi to claim her plants – her belief in magic or the belief in her convictions? Explain your choice.

Answer : Revathi’s confidence in her beliefs empowered her to assert ownership of her plants. She remained convinced that her plants were music enthusiasts and would react to her favorite tune, just as they had previously. This was not a result of magic but rather a genuine fact.

(3) (A) A word chain consists of words of a certain category that begin with the letter, that the previous word has ended with.Complete the word chain adding Four Nouns from the text. Music – courtyard – d _____. , _____ , ______. , _______ .

Answer : music – courtyard – days – surprise – evening – grief.

(B) Add the appropriate Prefix to make the following words opposite in meaning.

1) continue

Answer : Discontinue.

2) Definite

Answer : Indefinite.

3) Place

Answer : Displace.

4) Possible

Answer : Impossible.

5) Believe

Answer : Disbelieve.

6) Known

Answer : Unknown.

7) Certain

Answer : Uncertain.

8) Important

Answer : Unimportant.

9) Regular

Answer : Irregular.

(C) Use the following expressions to make sentences of your own.

1) Make up ones mind

Answer : He needs to make up his mind soon about whether to accept the job offer or not.

2) Stuck as odd

Answer : Feeling stuck as odd in a group of conformists, he struggled to find his place.

3) Knew no bounds

Answer : The love she felt for her newborn baby knew no bounds.

4) Flash across one’s mind

Answer : In moments of danger, thoughts of survival strategies can flash across one’s mind.

5) To surmise

Answer : To surmise, the weather forecast predicts rain for tomorrow.

6) Not to deter

Answer : Not to deter, she continued her efforts to achieve her goals.

(4) Imagine there is a ‘Best Plant’ Competition in the locality / colony where you live. Frame a Notice about the same, in the form of an attractive poster. Cover the following points.

(a) Name of the organization.

(b) Name of the Contest.

(c) Day, Date, Venue.

(d) Who can participate.

(e) Prizes.

(f) Contact details for further inquiry.

Answer :

Save Valley organization

Best Plant Competition

This is for the information that the ‘ Save valley Organization’ is going to organize Best plant competition.

Every body and anybody eligible

Day – Monday

Date – 7.03. 2024

Venue – Netaji Road, Kolkata

Time – At 11:00 am.

A cash prize of Rs 5000/- will be given to the winner and many more prizes also given.

Contact:- 95472…. for further details.

(5) Types of sentences:

(1) How happily she played the violin!

Answer : Exclamatory.

(2) They all bent towards her.

Answer : Assertive.

(3) Don’t play that quick tune.

Answer : Imperative.

(4) She kept the knowledge a secret.

Answer : Assertive.

(5) How can plants enjoy music?

Answer : Interrogative.

(6) How proudly did Revathi carry home her prize!

Answer : Exclamatory.

(7) What could have taken my plants?

Answer : Interrogative.

(8) The organizers were not convinced.

Answer : Assertive.

(6) Make the following Negative using the negative words given:

(1) There were a few potted plants in the courtyard. (not many)

Answer : There were not many potted plants in the courtyard.

(2) They looked healthier than the other plants. (not as healthy as)

Answer : They did not look as healthy as the other plants.

(3) She refused to share her secret. (would not)

Answer : She would not share her secret.

(4) She went around asking everyone about her plants. (No one / did not)

Answer : No one did not go around asking everyone about her plants.

(7) Make the following Affirmative using the words given:

(1) There was no breeze. (hardly)

Answer : There was hardly any breeze.

(2) Their ridicule did not deter her. (failed to)

Answer : Their ridicule failed to deter her.

(3) Her mother knew nothing about it. (denied)

Answer : Her mother denied knowing anything about it.

(4) She did not give up. (refuse to)

Answer : She refused to give up.

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