The Right Choice Question Answer | UP Board Class 8 Chapter 3 Solution

UP Board Class 8 Lesson 3 The Right Choice – Question & Answer | Uttar Pradesh State Board of High School and Intermediate Education Class VIII English Textbook “Rainbow” Exercise Questions with answers are given in this article. Download the question and answers of the UP Board Class 8 Chapter 3 Prose in PDF from this page.

The Right Choice | Class 8 | Lesson 3 Exercise Solution

There are three different types of Questions available at the end of this chapter – Comprehension, Word Power and Language Power. This questions are part of the Text book and based on Grammatical as well as comprehension part of the story.

the right choice up board question answer class 8 chapter lesson 3 solution download pdf

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why did the parents not want to disturb Mukesh?

Answer : Mukesh was gearing up for his board exams, so the parents refrained from disturbing him.

(b) Why did the mother call the electrician?

Answer : Mukesh’s room had a non-functional table lamp, prompting his mother to summon the electrician for repairs.

(c) What was Mukesh eager to do?

Answer : Mukesh was keen to employ his electrical tool kit to fix his table lamp.

(d) What type of course did Mukesh want to take up?

Answer : Mukesh desired to enroll in a course that could assist him in turning his hobby into a profession.

(e) Name the institute in which Mukesh got admission.

Answer : Mukesh was admitted to the Technical Training Institute.

(f) Why is it necessary to take the right decision at a right time?

Answer : Making the correct decision at the appropriate moment is crucial as it paves the path to success. Conversely, a misguided decision at a critical juncture can jeopardize one’s future.

Question 2.

Arrange the following events in the order as they appear in the story :

(1) The electrician arrives.

Answer : 5

(2) The table lamp stopped working.

Answer : 2

(3) Mukesh tops the class.

Answer : 4

(4) Rakesh goes to call the electrician.

Answer : 6

(5) Rakesh’s vacation begins.

Answer : 1

(6) Mukesh repairs the lamp.

Answer : 3

Word Power

Question 1.

Unscramble the letters to form new words and use these words to form meaningful sentences:

(1) (cavaontis) –

Answer : Vacations – We are planning our vacations to the mountains next summer.

(2) (riousculy) –

Answer : curiously – The dog sniffed curiously around the new furniture in the living room.

(3) (netrsly) –

Answer : sternly – Sarah’s father spoke sternly to her about the importance of honesty.

(4) (ergae) –

Answer : eager – The children were eager to open their presents on Christmas morning.

(5) (feropssnio) –

Answer :  profession – Jack takes pride in his profession as a firefighter, knowing he helps save lives.

Language Practice Questions with Solution

Question 1.

Use the above given phrasal verbs in sentences of your own to bring out their meaning. One has been done for you:

(1) called out

Answer : Sagar called out his friend’s name across the crowded room.

(2) take up

Answer : I plan to take up Spanish classes to learn a new language.

(3) set up

Answer : We need to set up a meeting to discuss the project timeline.

(4) get back

Answer : Sarah couldn’t wait to get back home after a long day at work.

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