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Composed Upon Westminster Bridge – WB Board Class 11 English Poem Question with Solution: Composed upon Westminster Bridge is a beautiful poem by William Wordsworth. He wrote the poem in 1802 which conveys the peace and beauty of early-morning London. The Poem is a part of the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) Board and the MCQ, Objective, Short & Long type questions and answers are given in this page.

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MCQ: Objective Questions & Answers

1) The urban beauty of London gives a feeling of

Answer : Calmness .

2) In ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’ Wordsworth was looking at

Answer : a city .

3) The city in the poem refers to 

Answer : London .

4) The ships and buildings are open to the

Answer : Fields of London and to the sky .

5) A sight so touching’ – Touching’ in this context means

Answer : Moving .

Short Answer Type Questions :

1) Why is the city of London silent and bare?

Answer : The city of London is silent, as there is hardly any noise from people and vehicles so early in the morning. It is bare because the air is smokeless.

2) What does the poet see from Westminster Bridge? 

Answer : From Westminster Bridge, the poet beholds the beauty of the city of London on a bright morning.

3) Which things does lie in the beauty of the morning?

Answer : Ships, towers, domes, theaters, and temples lie within the beauty of the morning.

4) What was the occasion of the poem?

Answer : The poem was composed as the poet crossed Westminster Bridge during his tour to France with his sister, Dorothy Wordsworth.

5) Why has the poet ” never felt a calm so deep ” ? 

Answer : The city of London, typically bustling with noise and activity as the nerve center of commerce, was remarkably serene and unhurried that morning.

Descriptive Type Questions :

1) Justify the title of the poem, “Upon Westminster Bridge“.

Answer : A poem’s title is an essential component that frequently reveals the poem’s content. It acts as a mirror of the topic matter of the poem. The poet in question was standing atop Westminster Bridge one morning as he took in the breathtaking splendor of London. In the stillness, the bright sun shining on a smoky sky gave ships, towers, domes, theaters, and temples a tranquil, lovely appearance. The serene scene was further enhanced by the river’s beautiful flow. The setting of the poet’s observations is made clear by the inclusion of “Westminster Bridge” in the title. As a result, the title captures the spirit of the poetry and is both appropriate and meaningful.

2) “A sight so touching in its majesty.” –  What is the sight referred to here? How does the poet describe the sight?

Answer : The sight being referenced is the picturesque view of London city seen from Westminster Bridge during the early morning hours.

The morning’s beauty is depicted as serene and unadorned, enveloping the city like a garment. Ships, towers, domes, theaters, and temples gleam brightly in the clear air. Illuminated by the sun’s radiant beams, the landscapes, including valleys, rocks, and hills, appear exceptionally beautiful. The Thames, often congested during the day, now flows freely and gracefully. The grand city’s houses seem to slumber peacefully.

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