The Responsible King Solution | UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 7 Question Answer

The Responsible King | UP Board English Text Book Rainbow Class 7 English Lesson 7 Solution Download

The Responsible King is included in Chapter 7 of the Class 7th English Text Book Rainbow for the schools under Uttar Pradesh State Board. The exercise solutions of the Questions at the end of the chapters are given in this page.

the responsible king question answer download pdf up board solution

Comprehension Questions and Answers

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Why was the king unhappy?

Answer : All the people of his kingdom were irresponsible, making the king unhappy.

(2) What did the king see every time he went out in his chariot?

Answer : Whenever the king ventured out in his chariot, he consistently encountered stones and rubbish strewn across the roads.

(3) Where did he put the gold coins?

Answer : Spotting a pit in the middle of the road, he proceeded to place the gold coins inside.

(4) Who covered the pit with a big stone?

Answer : With the assistance of the vizier, the king covered the pit with a large stone.

(5) Why did the people not remove the stone from the road?

Answer : None of the people showed enough care or responsibility to clear the stone from the road.

(6) What lesson did the king want to teach his people?

Answer : The king sought to convey to his people that being responsible would yield rewards for them.

Question 2.

Write True or False for the given statements:

(1) The king lived in a palace.

Answer : True.

(2) His people were responsible.

Answer : False.

(3) The king wanted to teach a lesson to the people.

Answer : True.

(4) The people removed the stone from the middle of the road.

Answer : False.

(5) The king gave the gold coins to the people.

Answer : False.

(6) People felt ashamed and sorry.

Answer : True.

Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

Make sentences using the table:

Thefirstday of the weekisSunday.
Thesecondday of the weekisMonday.
Thelastday of the weekisSaturday.
Thefirstmonth of the yearisJanuary.
Thesecondmonth of the yearisFebruary.
Thelastmonth of the yearisDecember.

Answer :

1) The first day of the week is Sunday.

2) The second day of the week is Monday.

3) The last day of the week is Saturday.

4) The first month of the year is January.

5) The second month of the year is February.

6) The last month of the year is December.

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