A Good Citizen Solution | UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 6 Question Answer

A Good Citizen Question Answer – UP Board Class 7 Chapter 6 English Book Rainbow Solution

Uttar Pradesh State Board Class 7 English Text Book Rainbow Questions & Answers Download PDF. You can check the Comprehension Question Answers, Solutions to the Exercise Activity tasks such as Word Power, Language practice etc in the article below.

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Where did Rachel go for her vacation?

Answer : Rachel vacationed in Mysore accompanied by her parents.

(2) Why were Rachel and her parents excited?

Answer : Rachel and her parents felt excitement as they anticipated their visit to the Brindavan Garden.

(3) What did Rachel want to make for herself?

Answer : Rachel desired to create a bouquet of garden flowers for her own enjoyment.

(4) How did the old man fall and who helped him?

Answer : The elderly man stumbled and fell, prompting Rachel’s aunt to rush over and assist him.

(5) What must we do when we see anyone in trouble?

Answer : When someone is in trouble, we should always go to them and help them.

(6) What should be the qualities of a good citizen?

Answer : Being prepared to help others in trouble and taking care of those nearby are important qualities of a good citizen.

Word Power Solution

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box:

irresponsible, enjoyed, vacation, excited, politely

(1) Neeta is planning to visit Kashmir in summer ____________.

Answer : vacation.

(2) Garima is __________ to see her gift.

Answer : excited.

(3) The teacher spoke to Manish _____________.

Answer : politely.

(4) Kartik ___________ his ride on the bicycle.

Answer : enjoyed.

(5) Priti’s ____________ behavior has caused her a lot of trouble.

Answer : irresponsible.

Question 2.

Match the words given in column ‘A’ with their meanings given in column ‘B’:

Answer :

fountainwater that is forced up into the air through small holes
wastesuseless things thrown in the dustbin
trippedto hit your foot against something and fall
pluckedto remove flower from its branch
bouquetbunch of flowers

Language Practice Question Answer

Question 1.

Write the feminine gender of the following masculine gender:

(1) uncle

Answer : aunt.

(2) old man

Answer : old woman.

(3) father

Answer : mother.

(4) headmaster

Answer : headmistress.

(5) landlord

Answer : landlady.

(6) milkman

Answer : milkmaid.

Question 2.

Use punctuation marks- capital letters, full stop (.), comma (,), question mark (?) and inverted commas (“….”) wherever necessary:

(1) Rachel is on a vacation

Answer : Rachel is on a vacation.

(2) About two million tourists visit Brindavan garden

Answer : About two million tourists visit Brindavan garden.

(3) Rachel exclaimed Wow what beautiful flowers and fountains are these

Answer : Rachel exclaimed, “Wow, what beautiful flowers and fountains are these!”

(4) Aunt did you know the old man whom you helped

Answer : “Aunt, did you know the old man whom you helped?”

(5) The Ganga flows through the state of Uttar Pradesh

Answer : The Ganga flows through the state of Uttar Pradesh.

(6) Thank you for the nice present said Tanu

Answer : “Thank you for the nice present,” said Tanu.

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