The Place Of Art In Education Question Answer | Class 11 English Solution

The Place Of Art In Education Question Answer – West Bengal Board Class 11 English Book MCQ, SAQ, LAQ with Solution is given here. The Place Of Art In Education is a chapter in English Text Book of Class XI under WBCHSE. Read the question answer and download the PDF file in a single click for your upcoming exam.

The Place Of Art In Education by nandalal bose class 11 prose question answer solution

The Place of Art in Education is written by famous writer Nandalal Bose. Read the Questions and their Solution which came in previous year Class 11 Exam for practise. These questions may also be repeated in your upcoming exam.


1) We have remained ignorant and insensitive to the glory of our past because our eyes are 

Answer : Untrained .

2) Education in arts enhances man’s

Answer : knowledge .

3) Man apprehends the world with his

Answer : Mind and senses .

4) The sense of beauty for Santhal is 

Answer : An integral part of his life .

5) A student , having no sense of beauty , keeps paper flowers in

Answer : Used coca tins .

Short Answer Type Questions :

1) Where do the roots of art education lie ?

Answer : The roots of art education lie in ancient civilizations, fostering creativity, expression, and cultural development.

2) Why have we remained ignorant and insensitive to our past glory of art ?

Answer : Neglecting our past art glory stems from ignorance, overlooking heritage, hindering appreciation, and fostering insensitivity.

3) What , according to Nandalal Bose , has our country’s economic decline followed closely ?

Answer : According to Nandalal Bose, our country’s economic decline closely follows cultural degradation and neglect of art.

4) How does a college student keep his room?

Answer : A college student keeps his room tidy by organizing belongings, cleaning regularly, and maintaining orderliness.

5) What should be displayed in the class – room ? 

Answer : Classrooms should display educational materials, inspiring visuals, student work, and relevant teaching aids for learning.

Descriptive Type Questions (LAQ)

1) How does a poor Santhal express his sense of beauty and order in his daily life ?

Answer :

A poor Santhal uses brightly coloured traditional attire and handcrafted items to convey his sense of beauty and order in everyday life. His love of the natural world is evident in the elaborate patterns and motifs he creates with organic materials like clay and wood.

He may also find pleasure in group festivities and folk dances, where he expresses his cultural aesthetics through expressive gestures and rhythmic movements. The Santhal embraces a beautiful tapestry of order and beauty in his everyday life despite facing economic hardships.

2) According to Nandalal Bose, how are beauty and aesthetics connected to a person’s physical and mental well-being? Explain with the example from the text?

Answer :

According to Nandalal Bose, the organisation and aesthetic appeal of art are more important to its actual essence than its monetary value. He used the disorganised hostel room of an educated college student, where clothes, mugs, and combs are haphazardly scattered, and even a cocoa tin is reused to hold paper flowers, to contrast with the neat and organised home of a lowly, illiterate Santhal.

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