Another Chance Question Answer | UP Board Class 8 English Chapter 1 Solution

Another Chance | Poem | Class 8 – UP Board Question Answer: UP Board Class 8 English Book Chapter 1 Solution is given here. Read the Exercise Questions & Answers from the Uttar Pradesh Board Class 8 English Book Chapter 1.

Short, MCQ & Long Descriptive Type questions along with solution are provided below. You can practise these questions for your upcoming UP Board Class 8 Exam.

Comprehension Questions & Answers

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why do we wish for another chance?

Answer : We wish for another chance because we believe in redemption, growth, and the opportunity to make things better than before.

(b) What does it take to make a brand new start?

Answer : To make a brand new start, you need courage, determination, a positive mindset, and willingness to embrace change.

(c) Why should we never give up in despair?

Answer : We should never give up in despair because every challenge is temporary, and there’s always hope for better outcomes ahead.

(d) What lesson do we learn from the poem?

Answer : The lesson we learn from the poem is to find beauty in simplicity, appreciate life’s moments, and cherish meaningful connections.

Question 2.

Match the following to complete the lines of the poem:

Answer :

a chance to blot outour mistakes
it only takesa deep desire
to add a littlesunshine
so never give upin despair

Word Power Question & Answer

Question 1.

Read the poem and write the antonyms of the following words:

(1) Success

Answer : failure .

(2) old

Answer : New .

(3) shallow

Answer : Deep .

(4) never

Answer : Always .

(5) end

Answer : Beginning .

(6) despair

Answer : Hope .

Question 2.

Write three rhyming words for the words given below:

(1) eight

Answer : Great, weight, freight .

(2) face

Answer : Space, race, embrace .

(3) chin

Answer : Grin, spin, twin .

(4) new

Answer : True, blue, through.


A number has been given to each letter of the alphabet in the table below. Read the table and decode the message. The first word has been decoded:

Answer :


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