Meeting at Night Question Answer | Class 11 English Book Solution

Meeting at Night – is a chapter in West Bengal Class 11 Text Book of WBCHSE Board. The Questions Answers for MCQ, Short type & Descriptive type are provided in this page. Download Meeting at Night Solution in PDF format from this page.

meeting at night class 11 robert browing poem question answer solution download pdf

The poem Meeting at Night is written by Robert Browning. This is a textbook poem of Class 11 under the West Bengal HS Board. In this article, we have given different type of Questions from Short to Broad along with answers.


1) The farmhouse is the dwelling of

Answer : The lady love .

2) The sea , as described in “Meeting at Night” , is

Answer : Grey .

3) Which place is the narrator going towards?

Answer : The long black land .

4) The narrator has to cross

Answer : Three fields .

5) The poem ‘ Meeting at Night ‘ was first published in ‘ Dramatic Romances and Lyrics ‘ in – 

Answer : 1845 .

Short Answer Type Questions :

1) Why is the narrator out on a Journey at night ?

Answer : The narrator is on a nighttime journey to meet his beloved secretly, adding an element of romance.

2) What is the meaning of the word ‘ quench ‘ in ‘ Meeting at Night ‘ ? 

Answer : In “Meeting at Night,” the word ‘quench’ refers to satisfying one’s longing or desire, often related to love and passion.

3) Where does the lover tap by reaching the farmhouse ?

Answer : Reaching the farmhouse in “Meeting at Night,” the lover taps on the window to signal his beloved, beginning their secret meeting.

4) Why does the poet take the journey at night mentioned in ‘ Meeting at Night ‘ ?

Answer : The poet takes the journey at night in “Meeting at Night” to add a sense of secrecy and romance to the meeting with his beloved.

5) How long the sea – scented beach ?

Answer : The sea-scented beach is described briefly in “Meeting at Night,” and the poem doesn’t specify its exact length.


1) Give an account of the lover’s journey to his beloved in “Meeting at Night“.

Answer : In “Meeting at Night” by Robert Browning, the lover embarks on a secretive and adventurous journey to meet his beloved. He starts by traversing the beach, describing the sea’s murmurs and the beach’s pebbles. Climbing a hill, he navigates obstacles like a thicket of grass and a sluice gate. Upon reaching the farmhouse, he signals his beloved with a whistle. She responds, and they unite in a passionate reunion.

2) Justify the title of the poem , Meeting at Night ‘ .

Answer : Robert Browning’s poem “Meeting at Night” has a thematic core that justifies the title. It captures the lovers’ secretive and private meeting that took place beneath the cover of darkness. Their covert relationship is set against the backdrop of the night, which heightens the sensation of passion and adventure. The title contrasts the blackness of the night with the intensity of the feelings conveyed, hinting at the anticipation and yearning surrounding the meeting.

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