The Pilgrim Question Answer | Class 8 English Chapter 1.3 Maharashtra Board Balbharati Solutions

Maharashtra State Board Class 8 English Balbharati Standard Text Book Chapter 1.3 The Pilgrim Solutions:

Maharashtra Board Class 8 english chapter 1.3 poem the pilgrim solution question answer

Check the Text Book Questions and their answers from “The Pilgrim” poem of Maharashtra Class 8 English Text Book Lesson 1.3 below.

(1) Pick out words from the poem to fill in the web diagram. They should be related to the theme in the web.


Answer : high way, journey, path, road.

Time around sunset

Answer : evening, close to day, eventide, twilight.

(2) The entire poem is metaphorical (Implied comparison). Match the words in Column A with what they imply in Column B.

(1) Pilgrim(a) Treat to life
(2) Journey (b) Trap
(3) Evening or close of day(c) Life
(4) Chasm, deep and wide(d) Death
(5) Building a bridge   (e) Old age
(6) Pitfall      (f) A dutiful man
(7) Close of day     (g) Solving the problem/getting rid of threat to life

Answer :

(1) Pilgrim(f) A dutiful man
(2) Journey (c) Life
(3) Evening or close of day(e) Old age
(4) Chasm, deep and wide(a) Treat to life
(5) Building a bridge   (g) Solving the problem/getting rid of threat to life
(6) Pitfall(b) Trap
(7) Close of day(d) Death

(3) (A) Read the poem and write 3 qualities of each of the following.

The old pilgrim

Answer : kind , caring , helpful.

The fellow pilgrim

Answer : curious, puzzled, selfish.

The young pilgrim

Answer : young, fearful, frightened.

(B) Answer in your own words.

(a) Why did the old man have no need to build the bridge, across the chasm?

Answer : Since he has already crossed this bridge and will never pass this way again, there is no need for the old man to build a bridge across the chasm.

(b) What explanation did he give to the fellow- pilgrim for his thoughtful deed?

Answer : The old man claimed his experience made him unafraid of the chasm, but he acknowledged that a young, inexperienced person might find it perilous. Knowing the youth would have to cross it at twilight, the old pilgrim decided to build the bridge to assist them.

(c) What message does the poem convey to all of us?

Answer : The poem conveys the message that we should be generous and unselfish, and endeavor to assist those less experienced than ourselves. In today’s world, filled with selfish individuals like the old man, it’s essential for us to protect the younger generation from pitfalls.

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