Dick Whittington & His Cat Question Answer | Class 8 Chapter 1.2 Solutions Maharashtra Board Balbharati Book

Maharashtra Board Balbharati Class 8 English Chapter 1.2 Question Answer – Dick Whittington & His Cat Solutions:

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Dick Whittington & his Cat questions answers download pdf maharashtra balbharati solutions english class 8 chapter 1.2

(1) (A) Arrange the following set of word in the alphabetical order in your note book.

Ship, small, successful, scolding’s, stone, saving, someone, stood, streets, still, screamed, sat, seemed, saint, share.

Answer : Saint , sat , saving, scolding, screamed, seemed, share, ship, small, someone, still, stood, street, successful.

B) Remove the affixes (prefix and suffix) and write the root-word.

1) Successful

Answer : success.

2) Immediately

Answer : immediate.

3) Retrace

Answer : trace.

4) mouser

Answer : mouse.

5) unfriendly

Answer : friend.

6) unkind

Answer : kind.

7) fallen

Answer : fall.

8) wooden

Answer : wood.

9) Luckily

Answer : lucky.

10) Belonging

Answer : belong.

(2) (A) Find from the story one word for the following.

(a) A small room just below a sloping roof

Answer : attic.

(b) a very narrow passage buildings

Answer : alley.

(c) The highest – ranking officer in the municipality of a city/town

Answer : mayor.

(d) The highest ranking official who commands a ship

Answer : captain.

(e) Any animal that catches mice

Answer : cat.

(f) A low constant sound made by cats

Answer : purr.

(B) Make sentences of your own using the following expressions.

(1) Over come

Answer : She overcame her fear of public speaking by practicing regularly.

(2) Put up with

Answer : I have to put up with my noisy neighbors every night.

(3) Bargain

Answer : They reached a bargain with the landlord to lower the rent.

(3) Rearrange the following events as they occur in the story, put correct number in the boxes.

(a) Mr. Fitzwarren provided shelter to dick.

Answer : 4.

(b) A carter gave dick a lift to London.

Answer : 2.

(c) a cat sailed to the African coast.

Answer : 6.

(d) the captain sold the cat for a very high amount of money.

Answer : 8.

(e) Dick left his village on foot, to go to London.

Answer : 1.

(f) Dick become rich and later, the mayor of London.

Answer : 9.

(g) Dick was homeless, helpless, cold and hungry.

Answer : 3.

(h) Dick bought a cat to get rid of the mice.

Answer : 5.

(i) The rat and mice eat up all the dinner, laid for the king and queen.

Answer : 7.

(4) Think and answer.

(a) What decision taken by dick changed his fortune?

Answer : The initial choice Dick makes is to journey to London, a decision he hopes will alter his fate. Following this, he hears the tolling bell and returns to Mr. Fitzwarren’s residence instead of fleeing. Lastly, he entrusts his cat to the ship’s captain to be sold upon reaching the African coast.

(b) What message does this story bring out for youngsters?

Answer : The moral of this story for young people is to confront challenges with bravery rather than avoiding them, and to remember that they are not alone. It suggests that lost things can be replaced, often with even better ones.

(5) (A) Break the words bellow into syllables as shown in the first one.

(a) Belonging

Answer : be – long – ing.

(b) Unfriendly

Answer : Un – friend – ly.

(c) Anything

Answer : any – thing.

(d) Difficulty

Answer : di – ffi – cul – ty.

(e) captain

Answer : cap –tain.

(f) Morning

Answer : mor – ning.

(g) citizen

Answer : ci – ti – zen.

(h) message

Answer : mess – age.

(i) mayor

Answer : ma – yor.

(j) elected

Answer : elect – ed.

(B) Complete the table of  degrees  of comparison.

Answer :

Positive ComparativeSuperlative
1) greatgreatergreatest
2) famousmore famousmost famous
3) easyeasiereasiest
4) badworseworst
5) poorpoorerpoorest
6) lazylazierlaziest
7) littlelessleast
8) worthyworthierworthiest
9) popularmore popularmost popular

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