The Glorious Sportswomen of India Question & Answer | UP Board Class 8 Chapter 15 Solution

The Glorious Sportswomen of India Solutions – UP Board Class 8th Chapter 15 Question Answer Download

Comprehension Questions Answer

Question 1.

Answer the following questions :

(1) Who is known as the ‘Golden Girl of Indian Badminton’?

Answer: Saina Nehwal has earned the nickname ‘Golden Girl of Indian Badminton’.

(2) Who is the highest run scorer in women’s international cricket?

Answer: Mithali Raj holds the record for the highest run scorer in women’s international cricket.

(3) Who is your favourite sportswoman and why?

Answer: Arunima Sinha is my favorite sportswoman because despite losing her limb in an accident, she didn’t lose her adventurous and sporting spirit. She went on to become the first Indian female amputee to climb Mount Everest.

(4) What qualities can be learned on the sports ground?

Answer: Skills such as team spirit, leadership, decision-making ability, and flexibility are best acquired on the sports field.

(5) What do you do in order to encourage girls to take up sports?

Answer: I support my country’s women’s cricket team during matches, and I also motivate my younger sister to prioritize her favorite sport as much as she does her studies.

Question 2.

Tick (✓) the correct options:

(1) Who among the following is known as the ‘Queen of Indian Track and Field’

(a) Mithali Raj

(b) PV Sindhu

(c) P T Usha

(d) Saina Nehwal

Answer: P T Usha.

(2) MC Mary Kom is also known as

(a) million rupee baby

(b) one dollar child

(c) 500 rupee note

(d) crorepati of India

Answer: million rupee baby.

(3) Who is the recipient of ‘Tenzing Norgay Award’.

(a) Geeta Phogat

(b) Sania Mirza

(c) Arunima Sinhar

(d) Saina Nehwal

Answer: Arunima Sinhar.

(4) Who is the highest run scorer in Women’s International Cricket 

(a) PT Usha

(b) PV Sindhu

(c) Mithali Raju

(d) MC Mary Kom

Answer: Mithali Raju.

Word Power Solutions

Question 1.

Match the expressions with their meanings :


ablack sheepdisgrace to the family
bdark horsesomeone who wins unexpectedly
capple of one’s eyefavorite person
dbed of rosesan easy situation

Question 2.

Read the following abbreviations and their full forms:

(1) IOA

Answer: Indian Olympic Association.

(2) BWF

Answer: Badminton World Federation.

(3) ODI

Answer: One Day International.

(4) ICC

Answer: International Cricket Council.

(5) WTA

Answer: Women’s Tennis Association.

Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

Put the verbs given in the brackets into the correct form and use ‘going to’. One is done for you:

(1) It (rain) ___________.

Answer: It is going to rain.

(2) They (eat) ____________ apples.

Answer: They are going to eat apples.

(3) We (help) ___________ you.

Answer: We are going to help you.

(4) d. (wear) ____________ blue shoes tonight.

Answer: I am going to wear blue shoes tonight.

(5) It is 8:30 pm. You ____________ your train.

Answer: It is 8:30 pm. You are going to miss your train.

Question 2.

Complete the following sentences using ‘through’ or ‘across’:

(1) We swam _________ the river.

Answer: We swam across the river.

(2) We walked __________ the forest.

Answer: We walked through the forest.

(3) The train was passing _________ the tunnel.

Answer: The train was passing through the tunnel.

(4) There is a bridge _________ the river.

Answer: There is a bridge across the river.

(5) They walked ___________ to the other side of the street.

Answer: They walked across to the other side of the street.

(6) He hit the nail __________ the wood.

Answer: He hit the nail through the wood.

Activity Answer

Question 1.

Write a few lines about the ‘Values of Games’ in Life.

Answer: Games play a pivotal role in our lives, fostering focus, alertness, and both physical and mental strength through engagement in outdoor and indoor activities. Additionally, they promote teamwork and sportsmanship. It is advisable to incorporate regular game play into our daily routines.

Question 2.

Names of some games are given below. Mention the names of some famous players associated with these games :

(1) Tennis

Answer: Roger Federer, Serena Williams.

(2) Cricket

Answer: Virat Kohli, M.S. Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar.

(3) Football

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi.

(4) Badminton

Answer: PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal.

(5) Hockey

Answer: Dhyan Chand, Sandeep Singh.

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