The Magic Show Question Answer | UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 3 Solutions

The Magic Show” Solutions for the UP Board Class 6th English Text Book Lesson 3 is given in the page. You can practice the questions given in the exercise and match the answers from here for preparing better in the upcoming exam.

Comprehension Questions Answers

Question 1.

Answer the following questions :

(1) Why did Karishma’s granny take her to the city?

Answer : Krishma’s grandmother brought her to the city of Ghazipur to witness a magic show.

(2) How was the magician dressed up?

Answer : The magician donned a blue attire and wielded a magic wand in his hand.

(3) What came out of the empty magic box?

Answer : Red, pink, green, yellow, and orange satin ribbons along with petals from various flowers emerged from the seemingly empty magic box.

(4) Who did the magician call to the stage?

Answer : The magician summoned Karishma to the stage.

(5) Which trick did you like the most and why?

Answer : My favorite trick was when the magician made the coin vanish, only to reappear in Karishma’s pocket. I found it the most captivating and thrilling because it was an astonishing and spine-chilling magic trick.

Word Power Solutions

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box:

village, colorful, magician, spellbound

(1) The children left the audience ___________ with their outstanding performance.

Answer : spellbound.

(2) My grandmother lives in a _____________ .

Answer : village.

(3) There was a ___________ in my friend’s birthday party.

Answer : magician.

(4) There are many __________ flowers in the garden.

Answer : colorful .

Language Practice

Question 1.

Underline the adjectives in the given sentences and frame sentences of your own with the same adjective in the space given below :

(1) I love white cats.

Answer : The snow was white.

(2) Do you have a pink sketch pen ?

Answer : The flowers were pink.

(3) I read an interesting book.

Answer : The movie was very interesting.

(4) Manu Collected tiny stones.

Answer : The mouse was tiny.

(5) A heavy box is on the table.

Answer : The box was heavy.

(6) Tinu has six toffees.

Answer : There are six apples on the table.

(7) My mother cooked delicious lunch.

Answer : The cake was delicious.

Activity Solution

Question 1.

Magic Trick

STEP-1 : Think of a number

STEP-2 : Multiply it by 3

STEP-3 : Add 6

STEP-4 : Divide it by 3

STEP-5 : Subtract the number chosen in STEP-1 from your answer in STEP-4

Answer : 2.

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