Sharing & Caring Question Answer | UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 2

UP Board Class 6 English Lesson 2 “Sharing and Caring” Solution – Class 6th English Chapter 2 Exercise Question and Answer for the upcoming written exam of UP Board is provided in this post from the Sharing and Caring chapter. Download the Comprehension Question Solution, Word Power Answers, Language Practice answer from here.

Comprehension Question Answer

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What did the mango tree and the banyan tree do all day long?

Answer : Throughout the day, the mango tree and the banyan tree conversed and reveled in each other’s company.

(2) Why did the mango tree want to drive the animals away?

Answer : The mango tree desired to chase away the animals as it despised them. It complained that the animals emitted loud roars and unpleasant odors.

(3) What advice did the banyan tree give to the mango tree?

Answer : The banyan tree counseled against the mango tree’s rudeness, stressing the importance of harmony between trees and animals, urging them to support each other.

(4) What happened when the banyan tree cried loudly?

Answer : As the banyan tree cried out loudly, its voice reached the ears of the wild animals, prompting them to swiftly converge upon it.

(5) What lesson do you learn from this story?

Answer : The moral of this story is that harboring dislike towards others is unwise, as we may require their assistance in times of need. All living beings are interconnected and must coexist harmoniously for mutual benefit.

Question 2.

Hark tick(✓) for the correct and cross (✗) for the incorrect statements:

(1) The banyan tree wanted to drive the animals away.

Answer : F.

(2) There was a demon in the mango tree.

Answer : F.

(3) Two farmers came to the forest.

Answer : F.

(4) Trees and animals need each other.

Answer : T.

Word Power Solution

Question 1.

Choose the words from the box which mean the same, one is done for you:

sharing, caring, harmony, trouble, rushed

(1) situation causing problem ___________.

Answer : trouble.

(2) Living together in a friendly manner ___________.

Answer : harmony.

(3) anything done in a hurry ___________.

Answer : rushed.

(4) showing kindness to others ___________.

Answer : caring.

(5) dividing something between two or more people ______________.

Answer : sharing.

Language Practice Solution

Question 1.

Frame questions and their answers with the help of the table given below :

(1) Was the duster on the table ?

Answer : No, it wasn’t.

(2) Was the glass on the table ?

Answer : Yes, it was.

(3) Were the books on the table ?

Answer : Yes, they were.

(4) Were the pens on the table ?

Answer : No, they weren’t.

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