Learning Together Question Answer; UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 1 Solution

Learning Together UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 1 Solutions Download PDF: We are going to post the Chapter Wise Exercise Solutions for the Class 6 English Text Book Rainbow. This is the solutions for the first chapter. Find the Comprehension Questions & Word Power Solutions for the Learning Together Lesson 1.

Comprehension Questions Answers

Question 1.

Answer the following questions :

(1) How do you make your teachers beam?

Answer : By attentively listening to our teachers and completing our homework promptly, we bring smiles to their faces.

(2) What new things do you learn everyday?

Answer : Every day, we glean new knowledge from each subject. Additionally, in pursuits such as music, dance, and sports, we acquire fresh techniques, methods, and approaches.

(3) Name the subjects you study in your class.

Answer : We delve into history, geography, civics, science, English, Hindi, and mathematics.

(4) How do you enjoy with your friends in school?

Answer : We study together, play together during the games period, and share our lunches during the break. During free periods, we engage in extensive discussions on topics that interest us.

Question 2.

Match column ‘A’ with column ‘B’ to complete the lines of the poem:

Answer :

See the big smileon my face
We work hardeach busy day
Nine times nineis eighty – one
Books to readpoems to say
Reading, writingspelling too

Word Power Solutions

Question 1.

Make a list of rhyming words from the poem. One has been done for you:

(1) team

Answer : Dream.

(2) song

Answer : Strong.

(3) ends

Answer : Friends.

(4) day

Answer : Bay.

(5) made

Answer : Shade.

(6) fun

Answer : Run.

(7) too

Answer : Blue.

(8) ten

Answer : Pen.

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