The Magic Fish Bone Question Answer – Class 6 English Chapter 7 Solution

WB Board Class 6 English Text Book Chapter 7 The Magic Fish Bone Solution – Answer from The Magic Fish Bone Class 6 English Book of West Bengal Board is given in our post of The Magic Fish Bone is written by Charles Dickens and is a lesson of Chapter 7 in English Book of Class 6 in WB Bengali Medium Board.

The Magic Fish Bone - Class 6 English - Chapter 7 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Tick the correct alternative:

(a) Alicia looked after (i) the fishmonger (ii) her brother and sisters (iii) the old lady

Answer: (ii) her brother and sisters

(b) The queen’s father had been a (i) medical man (ii) postman (ii) tailor

Answer: (i) medical man

(c) The king wanted to buy salmon weighing (i) a pound (ii) a pound and a half (iii) two pounds

Answer: (ii) a pound and a half

(d) The old lady had been visible to (i) the queen’s father (ii) the king (iii) the fishmonger’s boy

Answer: (iii) the fishmonger’s boy

Activity 2 Solution

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes:

(1) The old lady had been invisible to the king.

Answer: 6

(2) He bought salmon.

Answer: 2

(3) The errand boy came running after him.

Answer: 4

(4) The king stopped at the fishmonger’s shop.

Answer: 1

(5) The errand boy asked if the king had seen the old lady.

Answer: 5

(6) He left the shop.

Answer: 3

Activity 3 Solution

Answer the following question:

“ The king was, in his private profession, under the  government. “  is this king similar to the stories of other kings that you have read so far?

Answer: No, this king is not similar to the stories of other kings that I have read so far.

Activity 4 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The old lady was dressed in _____________________________

Answer: The old lady was dressed in shot – silk of the richest quality.

(b) King Watkins was the father of _________________________

Answer: King Watkins was the father of the beautiful princess Alica.

(c) The fish bone was ____________________________________

Answer: The fish bone was The magic present for the beautiful princess Alicia.

(d) Princess Alicia took care to ______________________________

Answer: Princess Alicia took care to Princess Alicia took care to.

Activity 5 Solution

Answer the following question in complete sentences :

(a) Why did the King think that the old lady was a fairy?

Answer: The king thousands that the old lady was a fairy because she knew his name, the name of his daughter and that the king was going to his office.

(b) What was the message given by Grand marina?

Answer: The message given by Grand marina was that the king must invite princess Alicia who would leave a fish bone on her plate.

(c) When did Grand marina vanish ?

Answer: After telling her message that the fish- bone is a magic present which can be used only once. it will bring her what she wishes for only once; grand marina vanished.

(d) What did the king do in his office ?

Answer: In his office the king wrote and wrote till it was time to go home again.

Activity 6 Solution

Write ‘T’ for true  statements and ‘F’ for false statements in the given boxes . given supporting statements for each of your answers:

(a) One morning Alicia found the king to be very happy.

Answer: F

Supporting Statement : He was sighing heavily and seemed low-spirited.

(b) Alicia had kept the magic fish bone in the drawer of her room.

Answer: F

Supporting Statement : Alicia began to put her hand into the pocket where she kept the magic fish-bone.

(c) The King’s problem was solved by the magic fish bone.

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : The King’s salary came rattling down the chimney and bounced into the middle of the floor.

(d) In the end Alicia handed over the fish bone to the old fairy.

Answer: T

Supporting Statement : So she took it from the hand of the princess Alicia.

Activity 7 Solution

Answer the following question in complete sentences:

(a) Why was the king feeling miserable?

Answer: The king was feeling miserable because he had the money and was extremely.

 (b) What was to Alicia the right moment for asking help from others ?

Answer: To Alicia the right moment for asking help from others was when they had done their best.

(c) How did the king get his salary?

Answer: Grand marina wished to make an end of the fish-bone because it might them.

(d) Why did Grand marina wish to make an end of the fish bone ?

Answer: Grand marina used the fish bone because her father need money .

Activity 8(a) Solution

Use the words to make sentences in the form of a statement:

(i) east, the, in, rises, sun, the

Answer: The sun rises in the east.

(ii) meat, the, dog, eats

Answer: The dog eats meat.

Activity 8(b) Solution

Use the words to make sentences in the form of a question:

(i) are, where, going, you

Answer: Where are you going?

(ii) this, not, book, is, your

Answer: Is this book not yours?

Activity 8(c) Solution

Identify which of the following sentences are Assertive and which are Interrogative:

(i) He spent many years of his life in a village.

Answer: Assertive Sentence

(ii) Where do you live?

Answer: Interrogative Sentence

(iii) Nobody was absent today.

Answer: Assertive Sentence

(iv) Did you not hear the bell?

Answer: Interrogative Sentence

Activity 9(a) Solution

Replace the underlined words with their antonyms:

(i) I helped a poor girl yesterday.

Answer: I helped a wealthy girl yesterday.

(ii) He came sooner than expected.

Answer: He came later than expected.

(iii) I saw a little plant by the roadside.

Answer: I saw a big plant by the roadside.

(iv) She read the conclusion of the novel.

Answer: She read the beginning of the novel.

Activity 9(b) Solution

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

flashed : ____________________________________

Answer: flashed : Her smile flashed like a ray of sunshine, brightening up the room.

present : _____________________________________

Answer: present : She received a beautiful present on her birthday.

message : _____________________________________

Answer: message : The messenger delivered the important message to the recipient.

directed : ______________________________________

Answer: directed : The teacher directed the students to their assigned seats in the classroom.

Activity 10(a) Solution

Read the following passage and fill in the chart with information from the passage:

Name of the fishAnswer: Salmon
Place where it is foundAnswer: Along the coast
It migrates toAnswer: The ocean
Where it lays eggsAnswer: Returns to fresh water
Time spent in fresh waterAnswer: Six months to three years
Distance traveled by a salmonAnswer: Sometimes hundreds of miles upstream

Activity 10(b) Solution

Imagine you met a fairy in your dreams. Write in about sixty words what gift you would have asked from her and why.

Answer: In my dream encounter with a fairy, I would request the gift of boundless wisdom. This gift would enable me to navigate life’s challenges with clarity and make wiser decisions. It would allow me to help others and contribute positively to the world. Knowledge is a timeless treasure that could benefit not only me but also those around me, making the world a better place.

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