Beyond Barriers Question Answer – Class 5 English Chapter 12 Solution

WB Board Class 5 English Chapter 12 Beyond Barriers Solution – Beyond Barriers Class 5 Solution from the Chapter 12 is given below. Solutions of WBBSE Class 5 English Book Lesson 12 Beyond Barriers Solution has been prepared by experienced teachers. The solution will be helpful for the Class 5 students in their Unit Test.

Beyond Barriers - Class 5 English - Chapter 12 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Let’s find out and write down facts about Rakesh Sharma:

(a) Place of birth:

Answer: Patiala, in the state of Punjab

(b) Year of birth:

Answer: 1949

(c) Name of schools attended:

Answer: St. George’s Grammar School

(d) Year of joining the National Defence Academy:

Answer: July 1966

(e) Total time he spent in space:

Answer: Seven days, Twenty-one hours and Forty minutes

Activity 2 Solution

Write T for true and F for false statements in the given boxes:

(a) The space shuttle was named Soyuz T-11.

Answer: T

(b) Rakesh Sharma went into space in 1985.

Answer: F

(c) Mrs. Indira Gandhi spoke to Rakesh Sharma.

Answer: T

(d) Barun got the book on India’s space travels from his mother.

Answer: F

(e) Osman and Barun were friends.

Answer: T

Activity 4 Solution

Find answers from the text. Work in pairs:

(a) Where was Kalpana Chawla born?

Answer: Kalpana Chawla was born in 1962in Karnal.

(b) Where did Kalpana go in 1982?

Answer: In 1982, Kalpana went to the U.S.A to study at the university of Texas at Arlington.

(c) What was Kalpana called by her family?

Answer: Kalpana was called ‘ Montu’ by her family.

(d) What was the name of the space shuttle that was lost?

Answer: The name of the space shuttle that was lost after a successful flight was Columbia.

(e) When did Kalpana die?

Answer: Kalpana died during re-entry into earth’s atmosphere, on 1st February, 2003.

(f) What has been named after Kalpana?

Answer: A hill on Mars and a star in deep space have been named after Kalpana.

Activity 5 Solution

Let’s read the words:

Pinky, Ravi, Soyaz T-11 , Rakesh, Kalpana, Columbia, India, USA, Haryana, California, Barun , Osman.

All these words are names. Now, fill I n the table. One is done for you.

Name of personName of placeName of Things
PinkyIndiaSoyuz T-11
Answer: RaviAnswer: USAAnswer: Columbia
Answer: RakeshAnswer: Haryana
Answer: KalpanaAnswer: California
Answer: Barun
Answer: Osman

Activity 6 Solution

Complete the following sentences with the information from the text:

1. The first Indian in space was ___________________.

Answer: The first Indian in space was Rakesh Sharma.

2. Kalpana took up the position _____________________.

Answer: Kalpana took up the position research scientist at NASA.

3. Kalpana’s story shows ______________________________.

Answer: Kalpana’s story shows the value of hard work and sincerity.

4. The Indian Prime Minister Kalpana talked to was ___________________.

Answer: The Indian Prime Minister Kalpana talked to was Mr. Inderajit K.Gujral.

Activity 7 Solution

Look at the table given below:

First Man in spaceYuri Gagarin
First Woman in spaceValentine Tereshkova
First Man to walk in spaceAlexei Leonov
First Woman to walk in spaceSvetlana Savitskaya
First Animal in spaceLaika, the dog

Write five sentences using the information. one is done for you:


  1. The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin.
  2. The first woman in space was Valentina Tereshkova.
  3. The first man to walk in space was Alexei Leonov.
  4. The first woman to walk in space was Svetlana Savitskaya.
  5. The first animal in space was Laika, the dog.

Activity 8 Solution

Fill in the blanks with the Present Continuous forms of the given Verbs in brackets:

1. Rina __________ (study) for her exams at the moment.

Answer: Rina is studying (study) for her exams at the moment.

2. Where ___________ (you meet) Ravi next week?

Answer: Where are you meeting (you meet) Ravi next week?

3. Pinky ___________ (come) to my place tomorrow.

Answer: Pinky is coming (come) to my place tomorrow.

4. They ___________ (play) football now.

Answer: They are playing (play) football now.

5. The company ____________ (finish) their project this week.

Answer: The company are finishing (finish) their project this week.

6. She ___________ (eat) oysters for lunch.

Answer: She is eating (eat) oysters for lunch.

7. Rubina ___________ (not go) to Kolkata next week.

Answer: Rubina is not going (not go) to Kolkata next week.

8. ___________ (work) on special report today.

Answer: am working (work) on special report today.

9. We __________ (not cook) dinner this evening because we’re eating out.

Answer: We are not cooking (not cook) dinner this evening because we’re eating out.

10. Barun ___________ (walk) to school right now.

Answer: Barun is walking (walk) to school right now.

Activity 9 Solution

Write six connected sentences about your experience of seeing the night sky. You may use the following points:

Time of seeing – place from where you looked – how the sky looked – other things that you saw – sounds of the night – your feelings.

Answer: One evening, I stood in my balcony to watch the night sky. The sky turned into a vast, dark playground with twinkling stars. I noticed the Big Dipper and Orion, creating patterns that were like celestial puzzles. As I gazed up, a bright satellite silently passed by, leaving me in awe. The night was alive with the chirping of crickets. Standing there, I felt excited to see the magical sky.

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