The Kite Festival Questions Answers | Chapter 3.2 English Class 8 Maharashtra Board

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the kite festival english chapter 3.2 question answer maharashtra board solution download pdf

The Kite Festival Question Answer for the Story from the Balbharati English Class 8 Text Book Chapter 3.2 is given in this page. You can download the solutions in PDF format completely free of cost. These answers of the Balbharati Books of Class 8 has been prepared by our teachers. If you have any doubts related to the Maharashtra Board English Solution, then comment below.

(1) Give the Antonyms and Synonyms of the words below, choosing from those given:


lustre, rise, victory, competitor, old – fashioned, joyfully, foreign, pause


partner, dullness, start, sorrowfully, drop, modern, native, defeat

Answer :

TraditionalOld – fashionedModern

(2) Say whether the following statements are true or false:

(a) Fibreglass kites led to creating power – driven aeroplanes.

Answer : False.

(b) In Gujarat, the kite – festival is celebrated to welcome the Spring.

Answer : False.

(c) ‘Uttarayana’ starts from Makar Sankranti onwards.

Answer : True.

(d) Kite – flying in Gujarat, is a competive sport – cum – festival.

Answer : True.

(e) The kite – bazar in Ahmedabad, is open day and night for a week.

Answer : True.

(f) The special thread for kite – flying is sharpened by adding sugar and glass pieces.

Answer : False.

(3) Using points from the lesson, give the details of the following in a short paragraph for each topic.

(a) Different types of kites:-

Answer : In the past, kites were crafted from kite paper and wooden frames, but today, motorized and fiberglass kites have been invented. Box kites, designed over a hundred years ago, are now flown at night as illuminated tukals, strung on a single line and launched into the sky. These kites rival the brilliance of stars. Exotic kites, shaped like eagles and snakes, add to the marvel of kite flying.

(b) International Kite Festival at Ahmedabad:-

Answer : The International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad takes place on Makar Sankranti, organized by the Gujarat State Tourism Corporation. Held at either the Sardar Patel Stadium or the Police Stadium, it draws international kite-flyers and local champions. Indian paper kites compete with those from Japan, USA, UK, and other countries. Exotic kites shaped like eagles and snakes soar overhead. The festival runs 24 hours a day for a week, with crowds filling the streets. Skilled craftsmen demonstrate traditional kite-making techniques and thread preparation. Illuminated box kites light up the night sky.

(c) The kite bazar of Ahmedabad:-

Answer : The kite market, or patang bazaar, located in the heart of Ahmedabad, operates round the clock for a full week. A midnight visit to this bustling bazaar demonstrates the city’s fervent obsession with kites. Streets are packed with people throughout the night. Expert craftsmen showcase ancient kite-making techniques, including the preparation of special thread coated with a blend of glue and ground glass.

(4) You have just returned after your first experience of the kite – festival in Gujarat / Ahmedabad. You were thrilled with the festivities. l Write a short report about the kite – festival for your local newspaper. Give an attractive headline, a dateline and an account of the kite – festive. Write the report in third person with more use of Passive voice. l You have a friend who lives abroad. Write a letter to your friend describing how you enjoyed the kite-festival.

Answer : This year’s International Kite Festival here showcased a vast array of colorful kites adorning the sky. A record number of countries, including India, participated in this renowned event organized by the Gujarat State Tourism Corporation at the Sardar Patel Stadium. The kites, shaped like eagles, snakes, and more, added vibrant hues and shapes to the sky, with the mesmerizing box kites, known as tukals, enhancing the night’s beauty. From dawn till dusk, people reveled in the joy of kite flying, while the bustling kite market illuminated the city’s obsession with kites. The sky was painted with hues of blue, red, pink, green, and gold, accompanied by music, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of celebration and joy. This day will be etched in the memories of all who experienced the greatness of kite flying in Ahmedabad.

(B) Underline the verb forms in the following sentences and state their Tense and Aspect.

(i) They are waiting for the right winds.

Answer : Present tense.

Aspect – Progressive.

(ii) People were haggling over the price of kites.

Answer : Past tense.

Aspect – Progressive.

(iii) Vendors had been selling kites all through the week.

Answer : Past – tense.

Aspect – perfect progressive.

(iv) Skilled craftsmen had demonstrated age – old skills.

Answer : Past- tense.

Aspect – perfect.

(v) State Tourism Corporation will be organizing the International Kite Festival.

Answer : Future tense.

Aspect – Progressive.

vi) Kite – flyers have demonstrated their skills with exotic kites.

Answer : Present tense.

Aspect – perfect.

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