The Last Leaf Question Answer | Maharashtra Board Solution Class 8 English Chapter 3.3

Balbharati English Solution for Class 8 Chapter 3.3 Maharashtra Board The Last Leaf Questions Answers

the last leaf english chapter 3.3 solution pdf download maharashtra board class 8 balbharati questions answers

Maharashtra Board English Class 8 Chapter 3.3 Question Answer from the Balbharati Books are given here. These questions answers downloading are free of cost and we have given the link to download the solution in this page.

(1) Read the story and choose the appropriate meanings:

(a) Struggling artists

(i) artists fighting with one another

(ii) artists trying hard to earn a living

(iii) artists painting war scenes

Answer : (ii) artists trying hard to earn a living.

(b) Skeleton branches

(i) bones branching out from joints

(ii) leafy branches

(iii) bare branches

Answer : (iii) bare branches.

(c) Wielded the brush

(i) painted skillfully

(ii) broke the brush

(iii) joined the broken brush

Answer : (i) painted skillfully.

(d) Palette

(i) the tip of the brush

(ii) a board used by artists to mix colors

(iii) a fancy dinner plate

Answer : (ii) a board used by artists to mix colors.

(e) Masterpiece

(i) a master who promotes peace

(ii) the very first creation of an artist

(iii) an exceptionally beautiful work of art

Answer : (iii) an exceptionally beautiful work of art.

(2) Make pairs of sentences to show the difference between the meanings of the following Homographs from the story:

(a) Interest

Answer :

(i) The bank pays a high interest rate on savings accounts.

(ii) I have a keen interest in reading books.

(b) Well

Answer :

(i) The villagers gathered around the well to draw water for their daily needs.

(ii) The children played together well at the park.

(c) left

Answer :

(i) She left her keys on the kitchen counter before heading out the door.

(ii) The last train to the city has already left the station.

(d) Just

Answer :

(i) He had just finished his homework when the phone rang.

(ii) She was just a beginner when she started learning the piano.

(e) mind

Answer :

(i) Rohan has lost his mind.

(ii) Please mind your manners when visiting your grandparents.

(3)  State the facts about the story.

Answer :

Main characters: Johnsy, Sue, Mr. Behrman, and the Doctor.

Problem: Johnsy’s battle with pneumonia led her to believe she would perish upon the falling of the last leaf of the ivy vine.

Attempts to solve it: Sue and the Doctor endeavored to reason with Johnsy, but their efforts were futile.

Climax/Turning point: As the last leaf remained steadfast, Johnsy realized the fallacy of her morbid thoughts and recognized the value of life.

Problem solved: Johnsy relinquished thoughts of mortality, embracing hope for the future, nourishing herself, and aspiring to pursue her artistic passions.

End: Mr. Behrman, the painter of the ivy vine, succumbed to pneumonia contracted while painting in the rain, just after his act of saving Johnsy’s life.

(4) Say whether the following statements are right or wrong.

(a) Sue and Johnsy were very close friends.

Answer : Right.

(b) Sue was a rich girl.

Answer : Wrong.

(c) Johnsy was hopeful that she will live.

Answer : Wrong.

(d) Behrman was a hard – hearted person.

Answer : Wrong.

(e) The last leaf fell off during the rain.

Answer : Right.

(f) Johnsy realised that her thinking was wrong.

Answer : Right.

 (g) Behrman did not know anything about the last leaf on the ivy.

Answer : Wrong.

(5) Correct the following statements.

(a) Sue and Johnsy were good neighbours.

Answer : They shared a flat and set up a joint studio.

(b) Johnsy was eager to recover from her illness.

Answer : She had made up her mind that she was not going to get well.

(c) Sue ignored Johnsy completely.

Answer : Sue took very good care of johnsy.

(d) Behrman was a very heartless person.

Answer : Behrman was a very kind person.

(e) The real ivy leaf did not fall off at all.

Answer : The real ivy vine fell in the heary rain.

(f) The last leaf was a real leaf that survived.

Answer : The last leaf was the leaf that Mr. Behrman had painted on the wall.

(6) Read the descriptions of the following from the story and describe any one of them using your own words.

Answer : The ivy vine:- The ivy vine, with its aged, twisted form and decaying roots, had only ascended halfway up the brick wall. Autumn’s chilly breath had stripped away most of its leaves, leaving behind only the skeletal branches clinging to the wall’s surface.

Behrman:- Mr. Behrman, a painter residing on the ground floor, struggled in his artistic endeavors, despite waiting for forty years. Financial success eluded him, and he possessed only a handful of paintings. However, his masterpiece was the depiction of ivy vines on the wall, a work that symbolized Johnsy’s life but tragically marked the end of his own.

The last leaf that Johnsy saw:- Johnsy believed the final leaf of the ivy vine had yet to fall, prompting her resolve to dismiss thoughts of mortality. Unbeknownst to her, the last leaf had indeed fallen during the rain. The leaf she observed was actually a painting by Mr. Behrman, crafted in a desperate attempt to preserve Johnsy’s life.

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