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The Interview Short & Very Short Question Answer are given in this part. Download the Important Short and Very Short type question and the solution from this page for the Prose “The Interview” which is in text book Flamingo of NCERT Class 12.

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Very Short Question Answer

(1) Which newspaper does Mukund Padmanabhan belong to ?

Answer : The Hindu newspaper does Mukund Padmanabhan belong to.

(2) Who are the victims of the interview?

Answer : Celebrities often feel targeted by interviews.

(3) Who is Umberto Eco?

Answer : A novelist is Umberto Eco.

(4) When did Umberto Eco write novels?

Answer : In Empty spaces Umberto Eco write novels.

(5) Who took Umberto Eco’s interview ?

Answer : Mukund Padmanabhan took Umberto Eco’s interview.

(6) When did Umberto Eco write novels?

Answer : Eco dedicated his Sundays to writing novels.

(7) What is an interview?

Answer : a medium of interaction and introspection is interview.

(8) How many scholarly works are to his credit?

Answer : more than 40 scholarly works are to his credit.

Short Question Answer

(1) What is the belief in some primitive cultures about being photographed?

Answer : The ancient tribes hold strong superstitions, viewing the act of capturing one’s likeness in a photograph as akin to stealing their essence. They fear that these images may be wielded for nefarious purposes.

(2) What drawbacks of interviews have been pointed out by Lewis Carrol?

Answer : Lewis Carroll doesn’t like interviews because he feels they invade his privacy and make him seem too important. He avoids them to keep his fans and the media at a distance.

(3) What is the position of the interviewer during the interview?

Answer : Denis Brian believes that the interviewer wields an exceptional level of power and influence. Acting as the intermediary between the audience and the interviewee, they control what information about the celebrity reaches us.

(4) How does Eco find the time to write so much?

Answer : Eco jokingly mentions that there are many gaps in his life, which he humorously refers to as ‘interstices.’ During these moments of waiting, he jests that he fills the void by writing an article. He then adds that as a professor, he dedicates his Sundays to writing novels.

(5) Did Umberto Eco consider himself a novelist first or an academic scholar?

Answer : Eco regarded himself as a professor and favored attending academic conferences over gatherings of PEN clubs and writers. He reserved Sundays for indulging in his hobby of writing novels.

(6) What are some of the positive views on interviews?

Answer : An interview, requiring skill in practice, serves as a reliable source of truth and an effective means of communication. It offers vivid portrayals of contemporary personalities and stands as the swiftest conduit for information, wielding significant power and influence.

(7) “The Name of the Rose” deals with medieval history. Was it responsible for the novel’s success?

Answer : The novel ‘The Name of the Rose’ didn’t succeed just because of one thing. Other books about medieval history didn’t do as well. Its success is mostly because it was published at the right time, its storytelling style as a detective story, and how it explores metaphysics, theology, and medieval history together.

(8) What do Rudyard Kipling and his wife comment about the interview?

Answer : Rudyard Kipling is known for his open and honest demeanor. He strongly criticizes the behavior of interviewers. His wife Caroline considers it immoral, criminal, and deserving of punishment. She sees it as both cowardly and despicable, believing that a person of integrity would never seek an interview.

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