Poets and Pancakes (Short & Very Short) Question Answer; NCERT Class 12

Download Poets & Pancaked NCERT Short, Very Short Question & Answer PDF – Poets and Pancakes is a Prose in NCERT Class 12 Text Book Flamingo. The Story is written by Asokamitran, a Tamil writer. You can download the prose from NCERT official website. Important short questions and very short questions are given below in this page which will be helpful for your upcoming exam.

poets and pancakes short and very short question and answer download pdf

Very Short Question Answer

(1) Who was the head of the make-up room?

Answer : The author was the head of the make-up room.

(2) Where is the make-up department located ?

Answer : The make-up department located in Upstairs in the building.

(3) What qualities was Subbu admired for ?

Answer : Subbu admired for writing, acting, film making and management skills.

(4) Which of the following qualities was missing in Subbu?

Answer : Independent qualities was missing in Subbu.

(5) Who is the writer of Poets and Pancakes?

Answer : Asokamitran authored “Poets and Pancakes.”

(6) Who recorded the actress’s voice?

Answer : Lawyer recorded the actress’s voice.

(7) Who had composed the novel Thillana Mohanambal ?

Answer : Subbu had composed the novel Thillana Mohanambal.

(8) Which place represents the symbol of national integration in Gemini Studio?

Answer : Make-up room represents the symbol of national integration in Gemini Studio.

Short Question Answer

(1) Why did everybody in the studio think of giving the author some work to do?

Answer : The author cut out newspaper clippings on many topics and put them in files. Most people thought this was useless, so they wanted to give the author different work.

(2) What is the example of national integration that the author refers to?

Answer : The makeup department comprised individuals from various states of India. Initially led by a Bengali, later replaced by a Maharashtrian, the team included assistants from diverse backgrounds a Dharwar, Kannadiga, Andhra, Madras Indian Christian, Anglo-Burmese, and a local Tamil. Together, they exemplified national integration.

(3) What is the character sketch of the author in Poets and Pancakes?

Answer : In the chapter “Poets and Pancakes,” Spender emerges as a reserved and introspective individual devoted to his craft. While he appears somewhat distant from the other poets in the group, he is also notably thoughtful and inclined towards deep contemplation.

(4) In which book did Asokamitran share his experience at Gemini Studios?

Answer : The chapter is excerpted from Asokamitran’s book “My Years with the Boss,” where he recounts his time at Gemini Studios. Gemini Studios was renowned during its time, with S.S. Vasan as its founder.

(5) Why was the Moral Re-armament Army welcomed at the Gemini Studios?

Answer : The Moral Re-armament Army opposed International Communism. Mr. Vasan, the head of Gemini Studios, unintentionally supported them. Since people at Gemini Studios disliked communism, the Moral Re-armament Army found a perfect host in them, receiving a warm welcome in India.

(6) What were Subbu’s literary achievements?

Answer : Subbu, although skilled enough to write more complex poetry, chose to direct his poetry towards the general public. His portfolio encompassed various “story poems” and a full-length novel titled “Thilana Mohanambal.”

(7) Who was Subbu’s principal?

Answer : Subbu’s principal was S.S. Vasan, the founder and head of Gemini Studios. Subbu had a close bond with him, stemming from his loyalty and support for his boss, although some saw him as a sycophant.

(8) What was the brand name of the make-up material?

Answer : “The Pancakes” is the brand name of makeup supplies purchased by Gemini Studios in large quantities. Additionally, the makeup studio was situated upstairs in a building that once served as Robert Clive’s stables.

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