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Going Places Short question answer

Very Short Question Answer

(1) How many brothers did Sophie have ?

Answer : Sophie have two brothers.

(2) Why does Sophie feel jealous of her brother?

Answer : Sophie feel jealous of her brother because of inability to reach unknown areas of his mind.

(3) What was the name of Geoff’s younger brother?

Answer : The name of Geoff’s younger brother is Derek.

(4) What does Sophie dream about ?

Answer : Sophie dream about becoming rich and sophisticated.

(5) When do Sophie and her family go to see the match of United Kingdom ?

Answer : Saturday Sophie and her family go to see the match of United Kingdom.

(6) Who understood Sophie’s feelings best?

Answer : Geoff understood Sophie’s feelings best.

(7) Where did Sophie and Jansie study?

Answer : Sophie and Jansie study in School.

(8) Which country did Danny play for?

Answer : Danny play for Ireland.

Short Question Answer

(1) What did Sophie tell Geoff about her meeting with Danny Casey?

Answer : Sophie informed Geoff that she had encountered Danny Casey, the renowned footballer, while she was browsing clothes in a shop window. Casey approached and stood beside her. Despite her account, Geoff remained skeptical. Sophie proceeded to describe Casey’s distinctive features, noting his green, gentle eyes and modest stature.

(2) Does her father believe her story?

Answer : No, Sophie’s father remains unconvinced by her account. Despite his fervent admiration for young Danny Casey, when Geoff informs him of Sophie’s meeting with Casey, her father glances at her but disregards her entirely, dismissing it as yet another of her fanciful tales.

(3) Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny?

Answer : Sophie kept her conversation with Danny Casey a secret from Jansie because she knew Jansie enjoyed spreading gossip to everyone in town. Sophie had crafted this story exclusively for her family and wished to prevent it from becoming a major topic of discussion throughout the town.

(4) Why did Sophie wriggle when Geoff told the father that she had met Danny Casey ?

Answer : Sophie harbored a profound fear of her father, well aware of his disapproval of her socializing with outsiders. When Geoff disclosed Sophie’s encounter with Danny, her father reacted with intense anger, casting a disdainful gaze upon her. Sophie’s fear drove her to squirm uncomfortably.

(5) What thoughts came to Sophie’s mind as she sat by the canal?

Answer : Sophie believes the spot by the canal is perfect for a date because it offers an escape from the city’s hustle. Lost in reverie, she envisions Casey strolling along the river, feeling her excitement build.

(6) What secret does Sophie tell her brother about her meeting with Danny Casey in the arcade ?

Answer : Sophie informs her brother that she had requested Danny Casey’s autograph. However, lacking both paper and a pen, they simply engaged in conversation. Just before departing, Casey suggested arranging to meet her the following week.

(7) Which was the only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person?

Answer : The sole occasion Sophie laid eyes on Danny Casey in person was when she attended a soccer match with her family. Amidst the crowd, she caught sight of Danny Casey in the distance.

(8) Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey?

Answer : No, Sophie never actually encountered Danny Casey. She was deeply enamored with the young Irish footballer and fantasized about him coming to meet her. She waited for Casey, knowing he wouldn’t appear. Her feelings turned to sadness and disappointment as she realized he wouldn’t come. Sophie was constantly immersed in a dreamy world, fixated solely on Casey.

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