The Grasshopper and the Ants Question Answer | Butterfly Class 3 English Lesson 3 Solution

Butterfly Class 3 English Text Book Lesson 3 The Grasshopper and the Ants Question Answer – Download Class 3 English Book Chapter 3 Activity Solution PDF:

The Grasshopper and the Ants Activity Question Answer has been provided in this page. It is included in the West Bengal Board English Text Book Butterfly in Lesson 3 and the practice questions and answers will be helpful for the students and their parents.

The Grasshopper and the Ants Solution – Butterfly

On your mark…… 

Look at the picture.

1. Who are they?

Answer : Grasshoppers and ants.

2. Where do you find them?

Answer : In the fields.

3. How many ants are there in the picture?

Answer : Three ants.

4. What is the grasshopper doing?

Answer : Singing.

Activity – 1 Solution

Let’s underline the correct answer :

a. the grasshopper was hopping about in a [1] summer’s [2] winter [3] autumn’s day.

Answer : summer’s.

b. The ants carriage [1] fruits [2] corn [3] leaves. 

Answer : corn.

c. In winter the weather turned [1] hot [2] cold [3] wet. 

Answer : cold.

d. Snow is [1] white [2] green [3] brown.

Answer : white.

e. The grasshopper spent the summer [1] playing music [2] begging [3] working. 

Answer : playing music.

Activity 2 Solution

Let’s match Column A with Column B to make meaningful words:

Answer :


Activity 3 Question Answer

Let’s feel in the blanks with the red colored describing word in the story.

a. The bag is very ___________.

Answer : Heavy.

b. The bee is a __________ insect.

Answer : Working.

c. In winter we use a _________ blanket.

Answer : Thick.

d. Ice is ____________.

Answer : Cold.

e. She has a __________ smile.

Answer : Lovely.

Activity 4 Solution

Let’s arrange the following words in alphabetical order.

[ Summer, Winter, Weather, Hill, Ant, Cold Busy Music Field, Snow.]

Answer :

1. Ant

2. Busy

3. Cold 

4. Field

5. Hill

6. Music

7. Summer

8. Snow 

9. Weather 

10. Winter 

Let’s talk…

Ask your friend:

a. Which insect can bite?

Answer : Ants.

b. Which insect can fly? 

Answer : Bees.

c. Which insect lives in a group? 

Answer : Bee.

d. Which insect is green in color?

Answer : Grasshopper.

e. Which insect moves in a row? 

Answer : Ant.

Activity 5 Question Answer

Have you ever seen this insect? identify the insects with the help of their names given below.

[ Honeybee, Wasp, Bedbug, Cricket, Cockroach, Dragonfly]

Answer :

1. Cockroach

2. Wasp

3. Bedbug

4. Honey bee 

5. Dragonfly 

6. Cricket 

Activity 6

Who am I?

a. I live with my friends in a hive. I store honey? Who am I?

Answer : I am a honeybee.

b. I work very hard. I store food for the future. Who am I?

Answer : I am an ant. 

c. I suck on the blood of animals. I spread malaria. who am I?

Answer : I am a mosquito. 

d. I am very small. I glow brightly in the darkness. who am I?

Answer : I am a glow-worm. 

e. I have colorful wings. I suck nectar from flowers. who am I?

Answer : I am a butterfly. 

Activity 7 Solution

Let’s write 6 sentences about a wasp with the help of the following words. 

Common, yellow, compound eyes, sharp string, four wings, buzzing sound, wasp hive. 

Answer : The common yellow wasp has compound eyes that allow it to see a wide range of its surroundings. With its sharp sting, it defends its territory fiercely. Four wings enable it to maneuver swiftly through the air. Its buzzing sound warns intruders to stay away from the wasp hive.

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