My Friends Question Answer | Class 3 English Lesson 1 Question Answer

Butterfly English Textbook For Class 3 Answers Lesson 1 My Friends Solution – Download My Friends Exercise Question Answer for West Bengal Primary Education Board.

WB Board Class 3 English My Friend Chapter 1 Activity Solution for Class III is provided in this page by our experienced teachers. If you have any questions regarding our WB Bengali Medium Board English Book Butterfly Solution for Lesson 1, then comment below.

Activity 1 Question Answer

Match column A with column B to form meaningful sentences One is done for you :

Answer :

Bholu isa brave dog
Kajol lovesall her friends dearly
Ramu the sheepis very woolly
Kajol carries milkfor Mini the cat
Kajol pats Motion her back

Activity 2

Let’s put [T] for true and [F] for false statements In the boxes:

1. Kajol has no friends.

Answer : F.

2. Mini is very smart.

Answer : T.

3. The cow moos as she sees Kajol.

Answer : T.

4. The sheep like to drink milk.

Answer : F.

5. The dog barks and wags its tail.

Answer : T.

6. The sheep bleats and jumps.

Answer : T.

Activity 3

Let’s match the animals with the sounds they produce:

Answer :


Let’s talk…

let’s have a game of quiz.

Do you know…

(1) Which animal gives us milk? 

Answer : Cow gives us milk.

(2) Which animal catches mice? 

Answer : Cat catches mice.

(3) Which animal gives us wool? 

Answer : Sheep gives us wool.

(4) Which animal pulls carts? 

Answer : Bullock pulls a cart.

(5) Which animal guards our houses?

Answer : Dog guards our houses.

(6) Which animal eats grass? 

Answer : Horse eats grass.

(7) What do the dogs eat?

Answer : Dogs eat meat, rice and biscuits.

(8) Who gives us eggs? 

Answer : Hen and duck give us eggs.

Activity 4

Who am I? 

1. I live in your home. I guard your house. Who am I?

Answer : I am Dog.

2. I give you milk. I say ’Moo! Moo!’ Who am I?

Answer : I am a cow.

3. I give you eggs. I can swim. Who am I?

Answer : I am a duck.

4. I pull the carts. I plough the fields. Who am I?

Answer : I am bullock.

Activity 5

Let’s put ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements In the boxes:

1. Pets live in forests.

Answer : F.

2. Hens give us eggs.

Answer : T.

3. Camel kills mice.

Answer : F.

4. Dogs guard our houses.

Answer : T.

5. Bullocks give us wool.

Answer : F.

6. Pets help us in many ways.

Answer : F.

Activity 6

Let’s match the animals with their babies:

Answer :

AnimalsBaby animals

Activity 7

Let’s arrange these letters in the correct order. These are the names of the babies of animals :

1. bmal ……………

Answer : lamb.

2. dik ………………..

Answer : kid.

3. kchic ……………..

Answer : chick.

4. ypupp …………….

Answer : puppy.

5. falc ……………..

Answer : calf.

6. kcudling. ……………….

Answer : duckling.

7. tloc ………………

Answer : colt.

8. niktet ……………….

Answer : kitten.

Activity 8

Complete the sentences with the appropriate sound of animals. One is done for you:

1. A dog barks but a cat ………………

Answer : mew.

2. A cow ………………..but a horse…………………….

Answer : moos, neighs.

3. A donkey…………………….but a sheep…………………….

Answer : bray, bleats.

Activity 10

Let’s put ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements In the boxes:

1. The lion had four followers.

Answer : F.

2. The tiger, the crow and the jackal had never seen a camel before.

Answer : T.

3. The lion invited the camel to stay with them.

Answer : T.

4. The tiger, the camel and the jackal were lazy.

Answer : F.

5. The hot summer could not make the camel weak.

Answer : F.

Activity 11

Let’s answer the following questions:

1. Which animal was fat and large? 

Answer : The camel.

2. Which animals went to the lion? 

Answer : The crow, the tiger, and the jackal.

3. Why did the lion refuse to eat the crow? 

Answer : The lion declined to consume the crow, citing the crow’s years of loyal service to him.

4. Who pounced on the camel? 

Answer : The lion and the tiger.

5. Who were the wily followers? 

Answer : The tiger, the fox and the crow.

Activity 12

Let’s choose the right word and fill in the blanks:

1. Insects _________ [can/cannot] crawl on the wall.

Answer : can.

2. Children___________ [can/cannot] walk on their heads.

Answer : cannot.

3. A lion_____________ [can/cannot] eat grass.

Answer : cannot.

4. We____________ [can/cannot] walk on water.

Answer : cannot.

5. I _____________ [can/cannot] write English.

Answer : can.

Activity 13

Now let’s fill the chart:

Answer :


Activity 14

Let’s underline the correct answers:

1. A cow has four [leg/legs].

Answer : legs.

2. A dog has one [tail /tails].

Answer : tail.

3. I have five [finger/fingers] in my left hand.

Answer : fingers.

4. There are many [fruit/fruits], in the basket.

Answer : fruits.

Activity 15

The cards are not in order. Let’s rearrange them to form meaningful sentences.

1. bread – eat – Dogs – meat – and

Answer : Dogs eat meat and bread.

2. animals – Tigers – flesh – eat – of

Answer : Tigers eat the flesh of animals.

3. cannot – their – get – Pets – food -own

Answer : Pets cannot get their own food.

4. eat – Animals – of – different – kinds – food

Answer : Different animals eat different kinds of food.

5. leaves – grass – animals – eat – Some – and

Answer : Some animals eat grass and leaves.

Activity 16

Write five sentences about an animal you like the most. Use the hints mentioned below:

__ the name of the animal.

— its food habit.

— the sound it makes.

— the name of its babies.

__ your reason for loving it.

Answer :

I love dogs.
They enjoy a diet of dog food, meat, and sometimes even vegetables.
Dogs bark, woof, and sometimes howl.
Puppies are the adorable babies of dogs.
I love dogs because they’re loyal, affectionate, and bring so much joy into people’s lives.

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