The Donkey and The Dog Question Answer; UP Board Class 6 Chapter 4 Solutions

The Donkey and the Dog UP Board Class 6th English Lesson 4 Exercise Question and Answer – UP State Board Class 6th Chapter 4 Solution from the Chapter – “The Donkey and the Dog” story is given in this article. The solutions of the practice question from the Rainbow textbook have been prepared and checked thoroughly by teachers of ‘‘.

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What did the donkey use to carry?

Answer : The donkey would carry the clothes’ load.

(2) Why could the washerman not lift the donkey?

Answer : The donkey was so large and heavy that the washerman couldn’t lift it.

(3) How did the washerman show his love for the dog?

Answer : The master would pick up the dog and carry him inside the house.

(4) Why did the donkey want to live in the house?

Answer : The donkey felt envious of the dog, who lived inside the house with the master. Thus, it also desired to live in the house.

(5) What did the washerman tell the donkey?

Answer : The washerman explained to the donkey that he was too big to come inside the house to stay, and he was also too heavy to be lifted. However, he assured the donkey that he loved both the donkey and the dog equally.

(6) Why should we not copy others?

Answer : Each of us is special and has our own reputation and place, so we shouldn’t try to be like someone else.

Question 2.

Match the followings to form correct sentences :

Answer :

The donkeycarried the load of clothes.
The masterlifted the dog in his arms.
The dog stayed inside the house.
The master told the donkeythat he was much bigger.

Word Power Solution

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct word from the box:

different, shed, lick, patted

(1) Atul’s grandfather ___________ him for his bravery.

Answer : patted.

(2) ________ your ice cream before it melts.

Answer : Lick.

(3) The balloon seller was selling balloons of ____________ colors.

Answer : different.

(4) People keep their cattle in ____________.

Answer : shed.

Question 2.

Fill in the vowels in the given puzzle to complete the words :

King of fruits

we sit on it

this animal has a hump

our books are made of it

opposite of sour

Answer :


Language Practice Questions and answers

Question 1.

Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions from the list given below:

among, from , above, on, over, into

(1) The Aeroplane is flying ___________ the clouds.

Answer : over.

(2) Roli distributed sweets ___________ her friends.

Answer : among.

(3) The man jumped _________ the river.

Answer : into.

(4) I got a gift _________ my friend.

Answer : from.

(5) Keep the notebooks _______ the table.

Answer : on.

(6) His flat was __________ the shop.

Answer : above.

Question 2.

Make sentences using ‘used to’:

Answer :

1) She used to ride her bike to school.

2) He used to collect stamps as a hobby.

3) We used to visit our grandparents every Sunday.

4) I used to eat cereal for breakfast every day.

5) They used to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings.

6) My dad used to work as a chef.

7) I used to have a pet goldfish named Sparky.

8) They used to go swimming at the lake in the summer.

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