I Wish I Could Question and Answer; UP Board Class 6 English Chapter 5 Solution

UP Board Class 6 English Text Book Rainbow Lesson 5 I Wish I Could Solution – Download PDF I Wish I Could Class 6 Chapter 5 Exercise Question Answers for Comprehension & Word Power activities.

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions :

(1) Where does a diver dive?

Answer : A diver descends into the depths of the ocean.

(2) What does an engineer do?

Answer : An engineer is skilled in repairing or resolving any issue.

(3) Write the names of professions mentioned in the poem.

Answer : engineer, astronaut, cricketer, doctor, Diver, pilot and chef.

(4) Which profession according to you is the best?

Answer : I like the profession of a doctor.

(5) Which is your favorite dish cooked by your mother?

Answer : Chicken Curry.

Word Power Exercise Solution

Question 1.

Choose the correct profession for the following persons from the words given in the box. One is done for you:

astronaut, lawyer, accountant, architect, pilot, actor, chef

(1) A person who travels in a spacecraft

Answer : astronaut.

(2) A person who flies plane in the sky

Answer : pilot.

(3) A person who is a chief cook in a hotel

Answer : chef.

(4) A person who keeps an account of money

Answer : accountant.

(5) A person who designs buildings

Answer : architect.

(6) A person who does acting on a stage or in films

Answer : actor

(7) A person who practices law

Answer : lawyer.

Question 2.

Who are they

(1) My mother helps sick people. She is a _____________.

Answer : doctor.

(2) My uncle fights fires. He is a ____________.

Answer : fire-fighter.

(3) My father serves food in a hotel. He is a ____________.

Answer : waiter.

(4) My aunt teaches maths. She is a _____________.

Answer : teacher.

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