The Comedy of Errors | Question Answer | Class 11 English Solution

The Comedy of Errors” Questions & Answers Download PDF – The Comedy of Errors MCQ, Long & Short Question and Solution. The Comedy of Errors Class 11 English Book Model Question and Answer are given in this page.

Multiple Choice Question and Answer

1) The Elder Antipholus had lived at Ephesus

Answer : Twenty years .

2) Antipholus Younger was a –

Answer : Merchant .

3) The name of Aegeon’s sons were –

Answer : Antipholus .

4) The Eldier Dromio’s wife was

Answer : Dowsabel .

5) Aegeon was

Answer : a merchant of Syracuse .

Long Question Answer

1) Why was the Elder Antipholus denied entry in his own house?

Answer : When Adriana’s real husband, Younger Antipholus’s elder brother, came home after dinner with his brother’s wife, he was caught off guard. Adriana’s orders to the servants to not accept any strangers prevented him from entering the house, even though he was the legitimate owner. The staff within chuckled at Elder Antipholus’s insistence and acknowledged that he and his servant Dromio were Antipholus; they said the two were already inside, having dinner. The reason for this confusion was that there were two pairs of identical twin brothers.

2) Who was Aegeon ? How did he arrive at Ephesus ? What made the Duke pity on Aegeon ?

Answer : Aegeon was an aged merchant hailing from Syracuse in Shakespeare’s comedic play “The Comedy of Errors.”

Having lost his family in a shipwreck, he unwittingly ventured into the province of Ephesus in search of his loved ones.

Aegeon was spotted wandering the streets of Ephesus and was subsequently brought before the duke, facing the grim choice of paying a hefty fine or facing the death penalty. Lacking the means to afford the thousand marks required for his release, Aegeon faced the prospect of imminent execution as per the law. However, before pronouncing judgment, the duke requested Aegeon to recount his life story and explain his presence in Ephesus. Reluctant to revisit his tragic past, Aegeon initially hesitated but eventually revealed the tale of his twin children and lost family. With no means to secure his freedom, Aegeon awaited his fate. Touched by his plight, the duke showed mercy and spared him from death, opting instead to imprison him, thus rescinding the death sentence.

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