Thank You Ma’am Question Answer | Class 12 Solution WB Board

Thank You Ma’am Questions Answers Download PDF | Thank You Maam by Langston Hughes Short Question Answer, Long Question Solution, MCQ Questions with Answers are given in this article.

thank you maam by langston hughes question answer class 12 mcq long short solution download pdf

Thank You Ma’am is a prose which is in the Text Book “Mindscapes” of WB Board Class 12 English. You can read the solutions from the page and prepare for the upcoming exam.


1) The woman picked the boy up by –

Answer : His shirt front .

2) Mrs. Jones was carrying a heavy –

Answer : Pocketbook .

3) The lady picked up the boy from the street by holding –

Answer : shirt front .

4) The boy’s face was –

Answer : Dirty .

5) The author of ‘Thank you ma’am’ – 

Answer : Longston Huges .

Short Answer Question (SAQ)

1) Why did Roger want to snatch the large purse of Mrs Jones?

Answer : Roger desired to grab Mrs. Jones’s sizable purse so he could purchase a pair of blue suede shoes.

2) How did Roger look?

Answer : Roger was slender and agile, resembling a willow in the wind. He was a teenage boy of around fourteen or fifteen, clad in tennis shoes and blue jeans.

3) How did Roger look when he was being dragged by Mrs. Jones?

Answer : As Mrs. Jones dragged Roger along, he felt terrified and appeared wild, like a willow in the wind.

4) What was given to Roger to dry his face?

Answer : Roger was handed a fresh towel to dry his face.

5) What was there in the corner of the room behind a screen?

Answer : In the corner of the room, behind a screen, stood a gas plate and an icebox.

Descriptive Type Question (LAQ)

1) “Eat some more, son.” – Who is the speaker? What is offered by the speaker to the listener? What picture of the speaker’s character is revealed in this line?

Answer : Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones is the speaker.

Mrs. Jones, the speaker, offered Roger half of her ten-cent cake.

Upon learning that Roger had no one to care for him, Mrs. Jones felt sympathy towards him, recognizing his hunger. She proceeded to prepare dinner, consisting of lima beans, ham, and cocoa. Following the meal, she offered him half of her ten-cent cake and expressed the quoted sentiment. This line unveils her as a woman with a compassionate heart, brimming with maternal warmth and affection.

2) Describe the character of Roger .

Answer : In the well-known short story by Langston Hughes, Roger is portrayed as a scruffy, fourteen- or fifteen-year-old boy. He tries to steal Mrs. Jones’ pocketbook, but she catches him in the act and takes him to her house, where she shows him parental care. After being moved by her love, he changes and decides not to run away even though the door is open. By saying “thank you,” at the end of the story, he shows the woman how much he appreciates her. It is hinted that for the rest of his life, he will definitely follow Mrs. Jones’ guidance.

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