As you like It Question Answer | Class 11 MCQ & Long Questions Solution

As You Like It” Play Questions Answers for Class 11 English Download PDF – West Bengal Board WBCHSE Class 11 English Play Question Solution for the Chapter – As you Like It is given in the article. Solve the Suggestion Question and Answer for your upcoming exam.


1) Orlando was the youngest brother of Oliver and the youngest son of –

Answer : Sir Rowland de Boys .

2) The name of the lawful duke was

Answer : Duke Senior .

3) Rosalind’s name was carved in the forest of Arden on – 

Answer : The bark of trees .

4) Rosalind was the daughter of the

Answer : Expelled duke .

5) Who decides not to return to court ?

Answer : Jaques .

Long Answer Questions Answers (LAQ)

1) How did Adam prove his loyalty towards his master?

Answer : Adam was an obedient old servant of Sir Rowland de Boys who loved Orlando because he looked so much like his father. Adam quickly informed Orlando and advised him to go after hearing Oliver’s plan to injure Orlando by lighting him on fire while he slept. Adam gave Orlando five hundred gold crowns and said he would love to go with him, wanting to be of faithful service to him always. Adam showed his unshakable devotion to his master’s son in this way.

2) How was the banished Duke’s life in the Forest of Arden?

Answer : In the Forest of Arden, the banished Duke and his followers found contentment, embracing a simpler existence amidst nature’s embrace. Accustomed to the leisurely pace of forest life, they found solace away from the hustle and bustle of courtly affairs. Seeking refuge beneath the sheltering trees, they delighted in observing the playful antics of deer during the summer months but endured the harsh bite of winter’s cold winds.

Then, the Duke came to realize that his followers, devoid of flattery, offered genuine counsel. Through the challenges of forest life, the Duke gleaned invaluable lessons, likening them to medicinal remedies extracted from poisonous toads. Nature became his teacher, revealing wisdom in the whispers of trees, knowledge in the babbling streams, enlightenment in the stones, and goodness in all things. In the Forest of Arden, the Duke savored the true essence of freedom.

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