Strong Roots Question Answer | Class 12 English Solution

“Strong Roots” Prose Questions Answers for WB Board Class 12 English Text Book Mindscapes Download PDF. Strong Roots by APJ Abdul Kalam MCQ, Long & Short Question Solution, Suggestions and Answer is given in this page.

MCQ Solution

1) What was the author’s mother’s name ?

Answer : Ashiamma .

2) The menu of his daily meal was – 

Answer : Rice, Sambar, pickle, and chutney .

3) Kalam’s father was –

Answer : Wise and generous .

4) The ancestral house of APJ was situated at –

Answer : Mosque street .

5) Kalam’s father used to start his day at –

Answer : 4 a.m .

SAQ Question Answer:

1) Describe the ancestral house of Kalam?

Answer : Kalam’s ancestral home stood proudly on Mosque Street in Rameswaram, a substantial structure crafted from limestone and brick.

2) Why was Kalam’s father well-known in his locality?

Answer : Kalam’s father was renowned in the community for his wisdom, spirituality, and selfless dedication to serving humanity.

3) What would Kalam’s mother serve at lunch?

Answer : Kalam’s mother would serve aromatic sambar, rice a variety of home made pickle and a dollop of fresh coconut chutney.

4) What did Kalam tell about the Arabic prayer?

Answer : Kalam admitted that he didn’t grasp the meaning of the Arabic prayers, yet he remained convinced that they reached God.

5) What would Kalam’s father and Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry discuss?

Answer : Kalam’s father and Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry engaged in discussions concerning spiritual topics.

Long Question Answer

1) ‘His answer filled me with a strange energy and enthusiasm’ – Who is the speaker? Whose answer is being referred to here? What was the answer?

Answer : The speaker is Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Kalam’s father answer is being referred to here .

As per Kalam’s father, when individuals find themselves isolated or facing adversity, they seek guidance from companions. Acting as a mediator, Kalam’s father endeavored to appease malevolent forces through prayers and offerings. However, he acknowledged the inadequacy of this approach, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s hardships.

2) What is the relevance of prayer according to Jainulabdeen?

Answer : When he was younger, Kalam went with his father to the local mosque for evening prayers, but he had trouble understanding the Arabic prayers. Still, he did not waver in his conviction that these prayers went straight to God. When he grew older and asked his father about the value of prayer, he got a meaningful answer. Prayer, his father emphasized, was a means of connecting to the inner spirit; it carried no mystery. It is possible to transcend the bounds of the physical self and unite with the world via prayer. It made it possible for people to go beyond factors like age, money, belongings, caste, or creed.

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