The Blind Boy Question Answer – Class 6 English Chapter 11 Solution

West Bengal Board Class 6 English Chapter 11 The Blind Boy Solution: Colley Cibber Written, “The Blind Boy” is a lesson of Class 6 of WB Bengali Medium Board English Book. The Text Book Activity Solutions of Class 6 Chapter 11 The Blind Boy from Activity 1 to 8 (b) is provided here.

The Blind Boy - Class 6 English - Chapter 11 Solution

Activity 1 Solution

Tick the correct alternative :

(a) In the poem, ‘I’ refers to (i) the blind boy (ii) the sun (iii) the light

Answer: (i) the blind boy

(b) The blind boy cannot enjoy the blessings of (i) taste (ii) sight (iii) speech

Answer: (ii) sight

(c) The blind boy identifies the sun by its (i) shape (ii) light (iii) warmth

Answer: (iii) warmth

(d) The boy is (i) happy (ii) sad (iii) angry

Answer: (ii) sad

Activity 2 Solution

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The poor blind boy wants to know ______________________.

Answer: what light is.

(b) The blind boy feels the difference between day and night by ______________________.

Answer: feeling warmth.

(c) The boy often hears mornings about _____________________.

Answer: a loss he ne’er know.

(d) The boy does not want his _____________________ to be destroyed.

Answer: cheer

Activity 3 Solution

Answer the following question:

Whom do you think the blind boy is speaking to?

Answer: The blind boy is speaking to the listeners.

Activity 4 Solution

Fill in the chart with information from the text. One is done for you:

Blind PersonPerson with vision
(a) twenty four hours of nighttwenty four hours of day and night
(b) Answer: feels its warmthsees the sun and feels its warmth
(c) Answer: anytime plays or sleepsplays during day and sleeps at night
(d) doesn’t realize the loss of sightAnswer: realize the loss of sight

Activity 5 Solution

Answer the following question in complete sentences:

(a) What would happen if the blind boy kept awake?

Answer: If the blind boy awake he can see the sun, see the night.

(b) What does the blind boy bear with patience?

Answer: The blind boy bear with patience he can hear heavy sighs.

Activity 6(a) Solution

Fill in the blanks with suitable articles or Preposition:

Answer: There was once a little girl who lived in the middle of a deep, dark forest with her parents. 

Activity 6(b) Solution

Classify the Nouns given below and place them in the proper columns:


Common NounAbstract Noun

Activity 7(a) Solution

Add a suitable prefix or suffix to each of the words given in brackets and fill in the blanks accordingly:

(i) My mother spent many _______________ (sleep) nights when I was unwell.

Answer: My mother spent many sleepless nights when I was unwell.

(ii) I was _________________ (patient) to know the result of my examination

Answer: I was impatient to know the result of my examination.

(iii) It was an _______________ (enjoy) moment.

Answer: It was an enjoyable moment.

(iv) The __________________ (bright) of the day made me happy.

Answer: The brightness of the day made me happy.

Activity 7(b) Solution

Write the antonyms of the following words:

(i) poor

Answer: rich

(ii) warm

Answer: cool

(iii) awake

Answer: asleep

(iv) destroy

Answer: create

Activity 8(a) Solution

Complete the following imaginary dialogue between Day and Night. The beginning of the dialogue is given for you:


Day: Dear friend, I must declare I am more important than you.

Night: I don’t know how you can say that.

Day: The sun rises during the day. People work and children play.

Night: Everyone takes rest and dreams away.

Day: You bring darkness, I bring the light of day.

Night: I have the light of the moon. I make the surroundings cool, you chase the darkness away.

Day: Indeed, that’s true. We can then say we complement each other in a perfect way.

Night: Yes, Mankind needs both of us, night and day.

Activity 8(b) Solution

Develop a story within sixty words based on the following hints. Add a suitable title to it :

Answer: The Vanishing Vision

An old lady lost her vision, desperate for a cure. She called a renowned doctor who agreed to help for a substantial fee if he succeeded. Each day, he discreetly removed some of her furniture. Eventually, her vision miraculously returned. When the time came to pay, the lady refused, claiming she couldn’t see any of her furniture, leaving the cunning doctor perplexed.

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