Save Water Save Life Solutions; UP Board English Class 7 Chapter 16 Question Answer

Save Water Save Life Question Answer – UP Board Class 7th English Lesson 16 Solution Download PDF: Uttar Pradesh Class 7 English Text Book Blossoms chapter 16 story “Save Water Save Life” Solutions from the Exercise topics such as comprehension, word power, language practice etc. are given in this article.

Comprehension Questions Answers

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) Where does Akash live?

Answer : Akash resides in the village of Bisara.

(2) What was the problem of the villagers? What did they decide to do?

Answer : The village faced a water shortage, prompting the villagers to conserve every drop during the monsoon.

(3) Which programme was launched in the village?

Answer : The village initiated a “Water Conservation Program.”

(4) What is meant by the word conservation?

Answer : Conservation, defined as the act of preserving, involves safeguarding various natural resources such as water, energy, soil, plants, or animals.

(5) What activities have been done under the ‘Water Conservation Programme’?

Answer : The program has encompassed the following activities:

1) Farmers will be encouraged to store water in their fields.

2) Wells and ponds will undergo deepening and cleaning.

3) Existing dams will be repaired, and new ones will be built across rivers.

Question 2.

Choose the correct option:

(1) A dam is a –

i) river

ii) big wall across a river

iii) pond

iv) well

Answer : ii) big wall across a river.

(2) A ’slogan’ means –

i) words or phrases giving message

ii) sentences used in a newspaper

iii) dialogues in a film

iv) a kind of game

Answer : i) words or phrases giving message.

(3) The word conservation means to –

i) waste something

ii) use something

iii) save something

iv) make something

Answer : iii) save something.

Word Power Solution

Question 1.

Choose the correct nouns from the box and write in the spaces given below. One has been done for you:

Answer :


Question 2.

Fill in the blanks with the words given, to complete the paragraph.

Answer :

One morning, when Geeta’s mother went to the kitchen and turned on the tap, there was no water. *How can I make tea without water?”, she complained. Soon, father woke up. He also turned on the tap. “There’s no water”, he said, “How can I bathe without water?” The door bell rang and the maid came in. She began to grumble, “How will I wash the dishes and clothes, and mop the floor ?”. By then Geeta was ready for school. She could not fill her water bottle and cried, “I’ll be thirsty all day.” Just then the water began to flow from the tap. Mother smiled and everyone began to do all that they were wanting to do.

Language Practice

Question 1.

Make sentences with more than’ and fewer than using the table given below:

Answer :

1) There are more books on this desk than on that desk.

2) There are fewer books on this desk than on that desk.

3) There are more letters in this word than in that word.

4) There are fewer letters in this word than in that word.

5) There are more boys in our class than in the other class.

6) There are fewer boys in our class than in the other class.

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