Kabir Question Answer: UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 12 Solution

Kabir is a biographical story which is included in the Lesson 12 of the Uttar Pradesh Board School’s Class 7 English Text Book Rainbow. In this article, we have covered Question and Answer from Kabir – UP Board Class 7 English Chapter 12 Solutions for Comprehension, Word Power, Language Practice Questions.

Comprehension Questions

Question 1.

Answer the following questions:

(1) What do Kabir’s songs and poems tell us?

Answer : Kabir’s songs and poems convey the idea that God exists everywhere.

(2) Why were the Hindus and the Muslims angry with Kabir?

Answer : Both Hindus and Muslims were upset with Kabir for claiming to be the child of both Allah and Ram.

(3) What happened when the king’s soldiers put Kabir in a hut and set it on fire?

Answer : After the king’s soldiers placed Kabir in a hut and set it on fire, the hut burned down, but Kabir remained unharmed.

(4) Whose voice did the Hindus and the Muslims hear from the sky?

Answer : Both Hindus and Muslims listened to Kabir’s voice instructing, “Remove the cloth from my body.”

(5) What did the people find when they took the cover off Kabir’s dead body?

Answer : When the people removed the cover from Kabir’s deceased body, they discovered some flowers.

Language Practice Solutions

Question 2.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs given in the box:

(1) The thief __________ to the building.

Answer : set fire.

(2) The bird was ____________ from the cage.

Answer : set free.

(3) The crop was ___________ down totally.

Answer : burnt.

(4) The boy _____________ when he saw a snake.

Answer : ran away.

(5) A car slowly _____________ by the front of the house.

Answer : passed.

Question 3.

Choose the correct preposition to fill in the blanks:

(1) Distribute sweets _________ two brothers. (among/between)

Answer : between.

(2) The principal distributed the prizes _________ students. (between/among)

Answer : among.

(3) Rakesh was sitting ___________ me.(besides/beside)

Answer : beside.

(4) He reads novels ___________ the text books. (beside/besides)

Answer : besides.


Question 1.

Write a paragraph about the great poet ‘Tulsi Das’.

Answer : Tulsi Das, renowned as a Hindu saint, reformer, poet, and philosopher, was deeply devoted to Lord Rama. He is acclaimed for authoring the epic ‘Ramcharitmanas’ and composing the revered ‘Hanuman Chalisa,’ among other literary works. Regarded as the reincarnation of Valmiki, the original Sanskrit Ramayana composer, he resided predominantly in Varanasi. Additionally, he initiated the theatrical rendition of the Ramayana through Ramlila plays.

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